A Perfectly Reasonable Amount of Schadenfreude about Things Happening to Trump & His Enablers

Fomenting. :wink:

Yes it does.




aaaaaaaw poor Matt and Marjorie…

At least MGT will get some more wifely action back at their hotel room / back-of-the-bus-whatever

I made one.

So people can gripe about them at their hearts’ content and it’s in the Pit so let it all out.

They don’t have any landscaping outlets in California?

Not popular with teen girls.

They finally held their rally in front of Riverside City Hall. One wag noted that he’d seen more people in line for colonoscopies than were in attendance.

What were these morons doing in California in the first place? Don’t they already pollute their home states enough?

They thought they could be more offensive (and grab more headlines) in California.

Nah; they thought they could grab some more money.

It does always come back to the schadenfreude. But good on Atamasama for making a Russia v US thread:

I noticed that too, but I kind of like the description of the Russians “fermenting chaos”. It seems strangely apropos. I wonder what the end result of “fermenting chaos” tastes like?


More like kvass, I’d think.

I just hope to God it isn’t surströmming.

(You make one typo, sheesh…)

You are new here I see :stuck_out_tongue:

Just hope that we move on before penis ensues.

Trump says that it would have been difficult for Washington with Lincoln as his running mate to beat him in an election.

They had one set up, then they noticed that the manure drop had been prepared.