A Perfectly Reasonable Amount of Schadenfreude about Things Happening to Trump & His Enablers


Trump will have no problem finding pathetic, embarrassingly bad people to run his campaign, and they won’t get paid. Just like his lawyers.

‘I will gladly pay you Tuesday for a campaign today.’

Unfortunately, any inexperienced windbag will do it for a can of soup and bragging rights in Orangeland.

Mike Lindell. He may need a new job by then.

So you’re saying that Trump might provide him a cushion, for a soft landing?

This is pretty minor compared to all the legal jeopardy trump may be in, but I have a feeling that for trump, this is among the worst of all the recent bad news he’s been getting-- the unkindest cut of all.

Et tu, Brady? :rofl:

I was so surprised to see Tom Brady do that! I enjoyed it and I hope it makes tfg cry.

I would love to see ambitious Republicans fall on Trump from a great height.

Well, well, well…


That’s an unfortunate ambiguous antecedent.

I have a lot more respect for Brady on a personal level now. (I always respected him as a QB.)

Trump grew angry in April 2017 when Tom Brady said he planned to skip the White House visit with the Patriots, huddling angrily with aides and even calling Patriots owner Robert Kraft. One former senior administration official described a chaotic scene unfolding over the heartlands of America, as Trump flew back from an event in Wisconsin. Trump made a number of calls and asked aides to help fix the situation, worried that Brady’s absence would reflect poorly on him.

Holy crap. Brady’s lucky he wasn’t kidnapped and forced there at gunpoint.

I believe this Intelligencer headline is inaccurate.

A correction would add the phrase “So Far” to the end of the existing (inaccurate) wording.

Yeah; remember when the Borat thing was the worst day of Rudy Giuliani’s life?

It’s paywalled for me. Can you give a summary?

Here’s an excerpt from the lede:

Here’s a Guardian article about the Brady thing which should be paywall-free.

It’s Brady’s jokes that need to be highlighted here:


Overall I’m very glad that Trump was kicked off Twitter but occasionally I miss it just to see him publicly melt down. Would he have savaged Brady?