A Perfectly Reasonable Amount of Schadenfreude about Things Happening to Trump & His Enablers

And every penny she can lay her hands on, including her own campaign war chest!

^ 100%. The Republicans will trash every norm left un-trashed during the Trump years, if they get the power to do so.

And they will do it with glee.

Democrats who dither due to fears that ‘Republicans might…’ need brain transplants.


Have no fear; the preaching shall not cease until the GOP shuts down the Internet (if they get the chance, and curse us all if we let them have the chance).



That article needs another date with an editor.

Remember Lev Parnas?

Jury selection is scheduled to begin Tuesday in a trial in which Parnas, a Soviet-born Florida businessman, and a co-defendant, Ukraine-born investor Andrey Kukushkin, are accused of making illegal campaign contributions to U.S. politicians in order to further their business interests.

Parnas and another Soviet-born Florida businessman who has already pleaded guilty in the case, Igor Fruman, initially caught the attention of journalists and investigators after making big donations through a corporate entity to Republican political committees, including a $325,000 donation in 2018 to America First Action, a super PAC supporting Trump.

The pair then became middlemen in Giuliani’s effort to discredit then-candidate Joe Biden. They connected Giuliani with Ukrainian officials as the former New York City mayor tried to get that country to open an investigation into the future president’s son, Hunter.

On Wednesday, Klacik posted a picture of empty grocery shelves with the caption, “A look at #BuildBack Better,” implying that the photo was taken recently and in the United States.

Twitter users were quick to note, however, that the prices in the picture used the symbol for the pound sterling, the currency of the United Kingdom

And the photo was a year and a half old, Taken when trump was President.

An incompetent idiot.

And a criminal. No surprise that Lindell surrounds himself with crooks.

I was referring to Tina Peters. Lindell’s idiocy is a given.

I myself read that as Atamasama referring to TP, but hopefully he can pop back in to confirm.

Yes, Tina Peters is a criminal. She is currently under investigation by both state and federal authorities, per the article, and I expect charges before long.

Lindell’s “Cyber Symposium” itself was based on information sent to him by Dennis L. Montgomery, who has repeatedly defrauded and hoaxed people, even the CIA.

I’m sure if you look into others involved you’ll find similar stories. Lindell himself of course has a checkered past as well (not to mention a pretty checkered present).

Is he the “Mafia Rave” one or the “Fraud Guarantee” one?


This was some fine schadenfreude that just happened. I’ve been waiting for this. :smiley:

Most relevant information in the piece:

The Justice Department has agreed to restore full law enforcement benefits and provide some attorney fees for former FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe, who was fired by the Trump administration only hours before his retirement three years ago.

The settlement will resolve a civil lawsuit filed by McCabe, who argued that his ouster was the result of a “years-long public vendetta” driven by the former president.

The Justice Department demoted and then dismissed him on the eve of his 50th birthday in March 2018, when his FBI annuity would have vested.

“I think the message that you get loud and clear from the terms of the settlement is that this never should have happened,” McCabe said. “It feels like complete vindication, because that’s what it is.”

Well done, Mr. McCabe.

I was hoping some representative or senator would hire him on their staff. He would still be a government worker and his previous (FBI) service would still count towards his retirement, a couple weeks later.

Hell, I’d like to see the FBI rehire him, but I’m sure he’s done with all that.

We lost another very experienced asset in Russian subversion when we lost McCabe. He was exactly the guy who should have been – and was – investigating Trump’s Russian entanglements.

As things are, he had his entire career restored to him, with back pay, all references to him having been fired redacted from his official FBI record. I guess they’re even sending him his retirement cuff links.

I read his book several months ago. It was an excellent read.

I hope this just added to Trump’s blood pressure.

For some reason the AP story on this ends with:

I hope that when questioned about this in the future, Mr. McCabe replies “Fuck that bullshit; how’s that for candor?”

He was literally a day (a few hours, really) from retirement. Not sure what else he’d get out of it.

He got off easy. In the movies he would have been gunned down so that his partner could single-handedly bring down the criminal organization to avenge him.

I respect your opinion and I’ll agree to disagree about Wray, but do you remember the time when Wray helped drum up that case against McCabe and then claimed it was a totally non-partisan decision?