A Perfectly Reasonable Amount of Schadenfreude about Things Happening to Trump & His Enablers

My guess he cares that Trump sent a mob into the Capitol who were on their way to beat McConnell to death while zip tied to a chair.

Ooo, I love it when you talk all sexy like that.

Biden has plenty of opportunity to earn the prize fair and square if he’s at all successful at repairing Wussolini’s damage to global stability in general and the Western alliance in particular.

The scene I’d like to see:

  1. Trump sees news report of President Biden being awarded the Nobel Peace Prize.
  2. Trump throws a hissy fit and smashes the screen in a rage.
  3. Trump loses his prison TV lounge privileges and has his license plate factory earnings garnished to pay for a new television.

"Belichick Deflates Trump’s Balls"

Everybody knows you need to use lemon juice. As an additional benefit, it makes you invisible to security cameras.

(Bursts into song)

I hope someone is checking those boxes for silverware and artworks.

I thought Giuliani was Trump’s personal attorney. Federal employees shouldn’t be approving the President’s personal expenses, and they damn sure shouldn’t be paying them with public funds.

When schadenfreude turns into tragedy…

If Joe earns it fair and square, that would of course be fine. I read @Folacin as if Joe should get it for not being Donnie, like Obama getting it for not being Bush. And that was an embarrassment.

The Buttery Males

What are you going to do about it? Impeach him for a third time?

Send him a bill and let the people from the IRS collect.

Rudy has not been “YOU’RE FIRED” yet.

Well, he hasn’t been paid yet either.

Well, he hasn’t been pardoned yet either.

No fear Rudy, you and he, “will work it out in the end.”

“The most bigly, in history ever, in two weeks”.

Not paid, not fired but, according to CNN reporting, will work on the impeachment trial. A glutton for punishment. I guess that’s the cost of being relevant. Or something. You can’t fix stupid.

Man, I can hardly wait. Who knows what new wacky hijinks Rudy will dream up? And everyone will be wondering if he’ll fart during his opening arguments.

“…this season, coming to a shitload of channels, the courtroom drama everyones been waiting for with everyone’s favorite leaky mayor lawyer: Heavy Duty Rudy!”

May I remind everyone that if Moscow Mitch needed to be replaced in the Senate, a Democratic governor would make the pick. Some states require that the governor select someone from the same party as the dearly departed. Kentucky doesn’t have that requirement.

Since you mention it:

I’ve been saying for years now that Trump will loot the White House, then set off bombs or fires to cover up the thefts in the general destruction.

The fact that he’ll be able to blame the smoking ruins on “a plot” by Biden or Obama or Pelosi or Hillary—and be believed without question by his fans, both those in Congress and those outside—will just be icing on the Beautiful Piece of Chocolate Cake for Donnie-boy.