A Perfectly Reasonable Amount of Schadenfreude about Things Happening to Trump & His Enablers

Well, I do. But I don’t call myself a liberal.

I don’t believe a single thing he says, about this or anything else.

Now, now; that just indicates his scientific mindset.

Not to mention the part about Beck urging OTHER people* to put their hands on burners, too.

*The size of his audience has been shrinking over the years, but he’s still got some radio listeners and people who see/hear him online. And that remains a lot of potential buyers of his ‘do stuff that will harm your health’ message.

Since it’s a key enabler, I thought I’d put this here:

If the link fails, DirecTV is not renewing it’s contract to carry OAN, which according to sources in the article, got 90% of it’s income from ATT based carriers including DTV.

Regarding the article…

“I hope you relish it as much as I.”

Honest question, why not? I don’t think my wishes have any magical abilities and when your talking about someone who is causing real suffering in the world, I think it makes sense to wish them dead. People wished for bin Laden’s death and Beck is probably responsible for more deaths.

YMMV. I start every day reading the Herman Cain Awards at Reddit.

As a DirecTV subscriber, I certainly do! Good riddance of bad rubbish.

It doesn’t say whether it is also being dropped from U-verse. Doesn’t matter, I don’t watch it anyway, but the more financial damage they can do to ONAN, the better.

It’s hard to keep up with who-owns-who, as these companies buy and sell one another like kids trading baseball cards.

I googled, trying to find if U-Verse is dropping OANN too. I found, instead, some old articles (from about two years ago) saying tha AT&T is phasing out U-Verse. I didn’t follow that line to research to see what’s happened with that since.

Separately, I found this current article saying that AT&T has sold controlling interest in DirectTV to someone else, and it appears to be those new owners who are now giving OANN the heave-ho. Note the phrase “the formerly AT&T-run TV service” in the preview here:

Woo-hoo!! I did it!! I claim full responsibility!!
Last month I canceled DirecTV, and the reason I gave the retention specialist was they did not offer any package that did not automatically include Fox News, OANN and Newsmax and I refused to give those channels my money, even it was only a few pennies a month. I told them if you have a package without those, I’ll switch my channel lineup, but they couldn’t do it.

I was going to cut the cord anyway to save money, but I felt like giving a political reason on the phone. And it worked. Never underestimate the power of me!!!

Interesting… the CNN article linked above says that AT&T spun off DirecTV as a separate company but still owns 70%. So it would appear that they still have controlling interest.

And yeah, I know that AT&T is basically trying to drown U-verse in a bathtub, but I refuse to switch to a dish. If they wind up pulling the plug on U-verse, I will likely just switch to our other local cable provider.

What is/ was so great about U-verse and why is AT&T trying to kill it?

There’s nothing great about U-verse. It is basically the “cable” counterpart to DirecTV. My understanding was that when AT&T acquired DirecTV, they wanted that to be their primary provider and were actively trying to get people to switch from U-verse to DirecTV. Maybe they’re not actually trying to kill it but l don’t think it is AT&T’s primary focus these days.

The reason I haven’t switched is that from what I hear, the alternative around here (some company called MidCo) isn’t a whole lot better.

Sorry for the U-verse sidetrack. Back to the schadenfreude…

Reading between the lines of Shoeless’s post, U-verse is great because it doesn’t use dishes, and AT&T is trying to kill it because it’s more expensive to keep the cable systems up and functioning.

^^^ Pure speculation, btw. ^^^

Good job! This reminded me of something I recently heard about (on an NPR show, natch) and a little digging got me to it:

I’m going to pass this along to my parents and in-laws…

I have U-verse, but I still pay AT&T.

All well and good, but this looks like it generates an email for Unfox to send to you and doesn’t actually provide the service of taking Fox out of your channel listing. It looks like this is more of a means to create an online petition to me.

I’ve never had a choice of cable TV. Can’t get it. So I was one of the very, very first DirecTV subscribers. I mean first. I bought the dish at Sears. Yeah, Sears.

I did also go to Hughes.net for a better internet connection, but that also sucks. But I’m keep that dish around, and my account open on the lowest payment a month.

I’m not usually an early adopter of new tech, but put up a Starlink dish on my house. I dropped DirecTV like a bag of dirt.

Oh. This is a Former asshole President thread. So I suspect this all kinda fits because of the morons at FOX, OANN etc.

RIP, Jerry Stiller.

Good catch.

One of my favorite episodes.