A Perfectly Reasonable Amount of Schadenfreude about Things Happening to Trump & His Enablers

My wife told me that she became an influencer for Discovery by seeing a post on their Facebook page a few months ago where they said they were looking for candidates. She took a 30 minute survey and got picked.

Cool. Thanks for the info, and tell her she’s very much envied.

I enjoyed this political cartoon:

The cartoon is good, but now I have seen his sphincter, which is not good and I can’t unsee…

And he saved the receipts. I love to see them turn on each other.

So they’re seeking pardons for defending the Constitution.

Only buzzwords are necessary. Logic doesn’t matter.

Hard to know if he was planning for the day that the letter might become public and so throwing in some pre-emptive spin, if he’s genuinely nuts, or if he’s the Nixon sort who figures that “if I would throw someone in jail on spurious charges then so will they” and basically reveals himself to be the sort of scumbag that he’s been warning you about, the whole time.

I have little doubt that most of these pardon requests were “When they Democrats are back in power they’ll also make shit up with zero regard for justice and decency, so I need to get my protection in place!”, but that doesn’t mean all of them were.

This reminds me of a song by Incubus:

“So pardon me while I burst into flames”

Possibility #3 is that any given Republican who has played the game long and well enough to get into congress has probably done something on his way there that was just a bit over the line into felony territory. If you can convince the sitting president to give you a, blank-check-get-out-of-jail-free-indulgence that wipes away any and all past sins, why ask. It will help you to sleep at night knowing that on the off chance the dirty secret comes to life you can just wave your magic paper and its like it didn’t happen.

Could be worse:

You’ve done enough. Have you no sense of decency, sir, at long last? Have you left no sense of decency?

And when he yells, it’s goatse all over again.

Damn. I really can’t unsee that one.

Aiyeeeeee! My eyes! My eyes…!

Multiple places this could go, but, hey, why not -

About six federal investigators approached the right-wing lawyer in New Mexico when he was exiting a restaurant after dinner with his wife and a friend, according to the court filings. Agents were able to get access to Eastman’s email accounts on his iPhone 12 Pro, the filings said.

Of course, he’s suing to prevent the information from being used, but expecting that, I strongly suspect the Feds have made their warrant airtight. So it’ll be a delaying action.

Now excuse me, after a weekend of horror and stress, I’m going to go have a few drinks and feel ever so slightly better after sharing this.

And for all we know, Eastman may be the topic of the surprise ‘extra’ 1/6 Committee hearing tomorrow:

But whoever it is, it’s bound to be good!

Not likely, as I’ve been told that the DOJ and the 1/6 committee are not necessarily sharing information at this point. And anyway, Eastman’s phone was taken on Thursday and it will take time to get all the info from it. Not to mention Eastman is doing to court to try to fight the seizure (a failing effort, but he’s just playing delay tactics at this point)

More likely is video footage showing Trump gleefully watching TV on 1/6 and shouting that “I sent these people, I hope they hang Pence!”

Certainly possible. Though the argument ‘it will take time to go through all the evidence’ would apply to the Holder footage, too.

If I were to bet, I’d bet it’s an interview with someone we haven’t heard from yet. Pat Cipollone, for instance. Or Mark Meadows. And what about Don McGahn?* Has he been interviewed (do we know)?

In any case, I bet they get ratings that dwarf even those of that first prime-time hearing… :grinning:

*He may not have been around on Jan 6 2021, but I bet he knows a lot about Donald Trump criming throughout his own tenure as WH Counsel.

Seems to be Mark Meadows’ aide Cassidy Hutchinson.

Meadows must be crapping himself right now.