A Perfectly Reasonable Amount of Schadenfreude about Things Happening to Trump & His Enablers

(Underline added.)

I know we have a thread over in ATMB where people are debating the propriety of nit-picking over minor spelling details. But I must insist that the underlined word must be spelled kompromat. Or, to be truly precise, компрома́т.

Heather Digby Parton (columnist at Salon) suggests that the black slime oozing down Giuliani’s face might be embalming fluid.

I echoed Bo’s spelling then a few posts later when somebody spelled it with a “k” I :smack: ed.

Kompromat is the only right way. IMO.

Every time I hear “schadenfreude” , I see Julie Andrews frolicking through the alps singing that to the tune of “Eidelweiss”.

(Link included so you don’t have to go ask your parents who she was)

Just a couple small problems with that:

a) In German, the ‘e’ on the end of a word is pronounced, so the syllables don’t really match with Edelweiss.

2) There’s already a song for “Schadenfreude”.

On a sidetrack: You have to wonder if those who own the rights to Avenue Q have gotten any windfall profits via confused conspiracy theorists, accidentally purchasing soundtracks or merch from the show…

waitaminute waitaminute waitaminute waitaminut!

This makes perfect sense! Robert Lopez / Jeff Marx / Jeff Whitty are obviously pinko sabateurs. They write this musical with puppets to warp the brains of our youth. They then create the Qanon conspiracy crap to warp the brains of the feble-minded. I mean, c’mon. The “plots” coming out of QAnon - those would be far-fetched for an episode of I Love Lucy (or I Love Trumpy), but they almost fit in with the stupid plot twists of most Broadway musicals…

Eh. Easy enough to get that last syllable in, using the rhythm of the first two syllables. And at least it doesn’t “Ironic”-ally get the examples wrong. (At least, IMHO, it’s only schadenfreude if you feel they deserve it.)

The syllables don’t fit.

Well I have a solution to all these problems.

@elucidator has a spare “e” he doesn’t want. Winston looks like he needs one. Or at least a lot of his followers do. I propose they trade. :wink:

Actually I rather like the coinage “feble”. It’s an apt mix of febrile and feeble. Which describes QAnon followers to a Trump.

Bravo good Dr!

Adding an unstressed syllable is rarely a problem in lyrics.

  1. The link to the Federalist is to an article by Jenna Ellis, written in 2016, explaining that Donald Trump is a Fascist, whose values are un-American and dangerous.

  2. In 2020, Jenna Ellis is a lawyer acting on Trump’s team to keep him in power.

For further details, see this article:

I’m actually coming round to the idea that Trump is the Mule: he has this amazing power to alter the minds of reasonable people so they become his perpetual acolytes.

I thought that the Mule came after the fall of civilization.

The Mule comes later. Right now, we have The Ass.

Thanks, Piper.

That headline has already been revised. The campaign now says an inconclusive test was negative, but she’s being retested. Truth or spin?

I’d bet on “spin”–Loeffler has been in close contact with numerous Republican higher-ups in the past week (due to the importance to Mitch McConnell of her winning her run-off race).

So if it’s confirmed that she has indeed been COVID-19 positive for a week or more, a lot of people have to dance around the pressure to self-isolate. And they’d prefer not to.

Speaking of schadenfreude, it would be SO sad if mass numbers of Georgia Republicans were too sick to go to the polls on January 5 for said run-off. This will be, of course, 40 days after Thanksgiving and 11 days after Christmas, and a high proportion of those voters are probably feeling honor-bound to participate in super-spreader gatherings on both holidays…

I must admit that this whole fiasco has been fun to watch. If Trump had had the minimal intelligence to concede gracefully, I would assume that he was quietly plotting new ways to fleece the rubes, which is much less satisfying that watching him flailing around in increasingly crazy and futile attempts to deny reality, as befits a man-child who grew up physically but never mentally. The shit-show is actually quite entertaining.

That’s this Brit Jonathan Pie’s take on it — amusing, entertaining, pathetic. I’d like to agree — I think Pie is funny and clever — but I just can’t. It’s too awful, too corrosive of American democracy, too revealing of the horrendous, anti-factual, often racist rot in the souls of millions upon millions of my fellow citizens.