A Perfectly Reasonable Amount of Schadenfreude about Things Happening to Trump & His Enablers

No popcorn until they perp-walk The Donald.

If you don’t already have your popcorn, then you might miss something while you are getting it.

Mr. Matt “My lifestyle of yesteryear may be different from how I live now, but it was not and is not illegal.” Gaetz tried to get a preemtive pardon (denied!):

The yellow lamp cords are pretty standard. I have them on some of my lamps.

Did he get paid up front?

I assume the lawyer would insist on cash on the barrelhead.

I amuse myself by wondering how many lawyers Trump & Co. had to call before they finally found one that would return their calls.

My understanding is that’s standard for defence counsel. One wants to do one’s best, of course, but if things go sideways and one’s client goes off to jail, unable to work and earn an income, recovery of fees after the trial may prove difficult. (Plus, in that situation, the client may be disinclined to pay in any event: “My lawyer got me convicted! I’m sitting in the slammer while he’s out playing golf! Why should I pay him a cent!?!”)

I keep a few pre-popped bags around for emergencies.

I hear that Gaetz’s bestie is about to cop a plea deal. Mwahahahaha

Which two of the last three words should be linked by a hyphen for clarity?


Florida Man and Matt Gaetz bestie Joel Greenberg is expected to plead guilty to federal sex trafficking charges in the coming weeks.

A plea by the former elected official, Joel Greenberg, could significantly strengthen the Justice Department’s hand as it investigates Mr. Gaetz and others who met Mr. Greenberg through Florida Republican politics and are being scrutinized on potential sex trafficking violations.

Mr. Greenberg, who has known Mr. Gaetz since at least 2017 when he began serving in Congress, could provide prosecutors with a witness who has a deep knowledge of Mr. Gaetz’s dealings with women, can explain how the men paid the women and how the two men bought and used drugs, like ecstasy.

So who’s going to go the Epstein route in this?

The more of them the better.

An email from “GOP Membership Services” somehow oozed its way past my spam filter today. Having absolutely zero scruples, they are still pulling the “checked boxes” stunt (one for recurring donations and one to automatically double the donation – mighty pricey if you neglect to uncheck both!). But they’ve added the phrase: “The Dems want you to uncheck this box and abandon President Trump --” to the “doubling” box. These guys must figure their audience exhibit the uncomplicated reflexive reactivity of a unicellular organism. Gotta get in another couple of rounds of fleecing before COVID hospitalization clears out their bank accounts.

Do they mention how much the orange shit-gibbon has donated?

Holy SHIT !

And did you see what pops up if you drag your cursor away from the page as if you were going to close the tab ??

I can’t embed the HTML, but here are the highlights:



Well, I’m just terrified.

C’mon, he’s donated his blood, sweat and tears. Even volunteered for COVID for the cause. What more do you want? /s