A Perfectly Reasonable Amount of Schadenfreude about Things Happening to Trump & His Enablers

Trump has made it clear that he doesn’t like losers who get caught. Even if he wasn’t a deadbeat skinflint who never pays his bills anyway.

War chest means a campaign fund, right?

Even if Trump wanted to pay Rudy’s bills, which he does not, wouldn’t be illegal?

Is that a real question?

Seems a reasonable one to me.

Trump collected that money for his PAC.

Would it be consistent with US laws governing PAC’s for him to pay Rudy’s legal bills?

Repubs: this liberal “cancel culture” has got to stop!!

(someone creates a parody website about a Repub)

Repub: Shut it down immediately or I’ll sue!!!

Here’s a direct link to the parody site. It’s no Onion, actually it’s pretty skimpy on content, but it has potential:

The Lauren Boebert

It’s an entire website devoted to showcasing what a shitty person Boebert is. I’m not surprised she’d threaten legal action against it.

Of course, if even half the stuff they’re basing their content on has a basis in fact, Boebert will have to just suck it up and try not to give them free advertising.

Yes, it is. If the war chest funds were collected for a campaign, would it not be illegal to use those funds for other purposes.

I believe NWYE’s response is meant to indicate that Trump has no qualms or hesitation about doing anything illegal if it benefits him, i.e. the question is moot when it comes to the former lawbreaker in chief.

The fact that Giuliani is now begging Trump to pay for work that was already done (and a failure) in order to pay his escalating legal bills from private suits and a federal investigation makes me giddy.

I’m laughing inside that Giuliani didn’t ask for his money up front, and glad that he’s getting screwed by the man he worked for.

Who could have predicted that Trump would refuse to pay, and screw over someone who worked for him? Total shocker.

C’mon, cut him some slack. I mean, it’s not like that has ever happened before, or that Rudy, as a New Yorker who’s known Trump for years and years, would ever have heard of such a far-fetched thing happening, right?

She’s a public figure, how can she sue for libel?

AIUI, the bar is placed a bit higher, but she’s definitely going to run into trouble contending with that pesky truth is an absolute defense factor.

You know, I always wondered if Rudy thought he knew too much about Trump’s dealings to be treated like all those ‘other people’ who were dropped the moment they weren’t useful. Of course, the things he thinks he knows probably have his own fingerprints all over them, and is reluctant to self-incriminate unless he thinks get can get a deal. And at this point, why offer him one?

But Trump doesn’t care, I don’t know if it’s because he buys his own lies in that he’s done “nothing wrong” or because he’s so far skittered out from any actual action against him. I hope the latter at least changes.

Thanks, PL. If you edit and repost someone else’s post, it is customary to indicate by an ellipsis that you have done so.

That does bring up a good point. You’d think Trump would be propping up Rudy to keep him from singing. This schadenfreude thread is going to explode if they turn on each other and Rudy drops some dirt on the Feds.

ShadowFacts is correct. I’m sorry, my humor seldom comes through, but I continue to try.

Your humor is certainly not what I’d expect.

If a joke lands in a forest and no one gets it…

Oh, so now I’m no one, huh??? HUH, PUNK???

[harumphs off]