A philosophical thought experiment

This one is at least close.

And more in low to middle income countries than in prosperous ones.

Global scoresfor all age groups vary by country and time period but still lean to the more satisfied than unsatisfied with life.

I’d push it. That’s what God did, and he blames all the fuck-ups on us. He doesn’t hold Himself accountable, so why should I?

Thanks. That’s as close as you can get to an answer to the hypothetical question, “Would people want to be born if they could have a choice in the matter?”

No, I wouldn’t push it, because actively doing something that causes suffering is wrong.

Other than degree, is this fundamentally a different question than “do you think it’s moral to have a child”?

So how are you managing without breathing or eating?

editing: because maybe I read that wrong.

Perhaps I don’t understand your question.

I’d opt to let nature take its course on that planet.


That’s probably a third of the OP’s threads, so this is at least some welcome variety.

Just by being in an ecosystem and interacting with it, you are causing immense amount of suffering to other life forms. Every time you breathe, you kill hundreds of millions of microbes, and naturally whatever you eat had to die first. Suffering is not dependent on sentience.

Can you show that those microbes are suffering? I don’t think they are.

This seems to be a contradiction in terms. Suffering is a subjective experience, and if an entity is not sentient then it can have no subjective experience.

Only if you define “suffering” as purely psychological, and I’m not sure why you would. Ever seen an animal in pain? You want to suggest it’s not suffering?

So it’s morally acceptable to cause death if one does so painlessly?

I just like pushing buttons.

Press it. If pressing it twice starts the life-with-all-its-misery-and-happiness process twice on two uninhabited planets, I press the button twice. If it would work 10,000 times, I’d press it 10,000 times.

Virtually everyone I know is quite happy to exist, even with the occasional hardships and setbacks they suffer.

Key point: Is it a jolly candy-like button?

There’s a button that when pushed, will erase all of history from 2 million years ago to now: so you’ll lose the wars, the genocides, the suicides, the atrocities, the famines, the plagues, all harm. But you also have to claim accountability for the trillions of sentient organisms ceasing to have existed. all that is on you. You lose the chocolate ice cream, you lose the sex, you lose the relationships, you lose the beautiful sunsets, you lose the fun movies, you lose the nice Thanksgiving family dinners, you lose the cool 80s music. You’d effectively be sparing them suffering by committing chronological genocide. Does Marcus Flavius press the button, or leave it the way out is?
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I have seen animals suffering and I consider them to be sentient. (“Pain” is not necessarily the same thing as “suffering.”) I do not consider a bacterium to be sentient.

I can’t figure out your point.