A possible scammer or stalker on WOW?......

She’s giving you a virus.

See, she has a cold, and she sneezed while packing the box.

100% its a dude :wink:

I don’t see anything wrong. I’ve purchased many expansions, and subscriptions for people who I only know through online games. I’ve even sent out a couple older video cards, and even whole PC’s to them if I had spares, and they needed an upgrade.

Usually, I do those things for people I at least speak to over Vent, but not always. And (s)he isn’t asking anything of you, your name and address is probably plastered all over the world anyway if someone cares to find it.

And here I thought I was the only skammer on WoW.

Update: Nothing yet… says that she will send it as soon as she gets to gamestop…

She probably just likes you. Heck, I’ve sent various gamers things by mail, and received various things. Usually not game related, even. I sent one guy a titanium spork, and I’ve sent books and such to people, not related to the game, but just because I like them.

Relax, it takes a while for the anthrax spores to germinate.

… but Gamestop will be “sold out.” Instead, she’ll send you a check to cover the amount. But oh, shoot, when she got a certified check, they made a mistake in the decimal place. Oh well, it will be too much hassle and time for her to fix it, how 'bout she mail it to you, you cash it, and send the rest back to her?
While I agree with the above posters that it’s more than likely straightforward and there was little risk, I do my best to keep anonymity on the 'net so I get how minor breaches can seem unnerving. Good luck!

Of course be on the lookout for scams, and even her making up excuses for why she can’t do it because she was originally caught up in the moment.

And the last name thing–it’s just in case she was junk mail dealer. If you start getting junkmail with that name, you know what happened. And you can call the company and try to put a stop to it.

Sounds like she’s probably on the level. It sounds like there’s too much time invested for it to be a scam.

If I were in a similar position, and had disposable income I might do the same. Think about it like this: If she were to catch up and even pass you, level-wise, you won’t be as much help as if you were a few levels ahead. So, she spends a little on you, and you continue to help her out a little while longer.

Either that, or you’ll get a knock on your door at 2AM one day, and it turns out that it’s really a middle-aged guy who just got kicked out of his mom’s basement. And by the way, you owe him one. So can he just crash here for a couple of weeks/months/years? Just until he gets back on his feet, or patches things up with mom.

But probably the first one. Probably.

This, +1.

I’ve invited people I met in FFXI over to my house before - up to 7 of 'em at a time, as a matter of fact. There was a FFXI convention near my house in L.A., and I hosted my ingame friends who wanted to come to the con. One flew in from Ohio, one from Montreal, one from Melbourne, one from Toronto, one took the greyhound from Arizona, another took the train down from Northern CA, one drove over from Malibu. None of us had ever met IRL before.

I also flew to Kentucky to attend the HS graduation of a game-friend of mine (I knew both her and her father, plus their roommates.) While there I also met up with another friend who lives in Tennessee. I had met the graduatee and her dad before when they lived in CA, but not the roommates nor the TN guy.

Plus, when two of my friends who had met ingame decided to elope to Vegas, I took the greyhound out there to be at the wedding.

I’ve also bought expansions for ingame friends of mine who were broke.

It’s all good. Of course, YMMV, but really - most folks everywhere are basically good at heart.

Well, I got the expansion. No spores or germ warfare as far as i can tell. Faith in humanity +1


Anthrax spores take about 2 days for symptoms to appear. Usually starts out looking like a bug bite, then your flesh just melts away.

Enjoy your game!