A Question about Sleep Studies.

I had two many years apart. Both said I don’t have sleep apnea although my partners at the time, both nurses, insisted that I did. Both said I snore terribly, which I have known since I was a child, but I don’t repeatedly wake.

I tried a CPAP machine to cut down the snoring but decided that sleeping in another room was a more humane option.

You can seriously sleep on that thing? How long did it take to adapt? I feel like I’d be up all night.

Wow, I knew they existed; but you’re the first person I’ve ever heard of who had a sleep test that didn’t come back positive for sleep apnea.

Yes, I realize it’s most confirmation bias… (people who don’t have problems sleeping, don’t generally get the test); but still wen I talk to my friends in their mid 50s, they all wear an appliance of some sort.

I did not have apnea, but I did have weird REM cycles. But the was no follow up.

I had a sleep test. I did not have apnea. I just had insomnia. Different problem. Trazodone solved the insomnia but not the chronic fatigue. So I was offered anti-depressants. I refused, as there is a big difference between being frustrated about being too tired to do anything, and being depressed, and I am quite aware of which is which.

I actually have Epstein-Barr and chronic untreated Lyme Disease and non-existent hormone levels and a B-12 deficiency, not one of which showed up on the “normal” battery of tests. I don’t have apnea though.

Not me, but my mother. She does not have sleep apnea. They recommended some other things for her insomnia, but she does not have sleep apnea.

My father does have sleep apnea. One of the things they recommended is that my mom no longer sleep with my dad, so his snoring and gasping would not wake her up. She tried it, and it made her insomnia worse - she worried that he was no longer breathing because she could not hear him from the next room.

Their next anniversary will be their 70th.

My wife says I snore sometimes, and also talk in my sleep. But I don’t believe it - I never hear anything.


It only took a couple of nights to get used to it. Honestly, the worst part (tho the safest part) is when my husband starts fighting ninjas in his sleep - he’s punched the wedge a few times, which woke me, tho not as abruptly as if he’d punched me!

Anyway, I can’t sleep any other way now.

Once. Of course, I had sleep apnea. But it was not something my doctor ever brought up, so I don’t have a machine. I know I snore when I am congested, but not enough to disturb my husband.

He has severe sleep apnea, and uses a CPAP. It hasn’t proven to be the miraculous machine as is often promised, but he isn’t snoring to wake the dead anymore, and stays awake during the day better than before.

Several. Mild apnea not worth treating. But the multiple sleep latency test confirmed narcolepsy.

Aktep, if you are interested in following through on those weird REM patterns, pm me for a good local doctor.

I had the test and registered about 100 apneas per hour. I’ve had a CPAP for 6 or 7 years now. It made a HUGE difference. I’m not in a fog all the time (which I didn’t know I was in.) And my wife can finally get a good night’s sleep since I snore like a freight train without it.

FCM may be weird, but not unique. My sleep apnea study said no, my wife said yes. I now sleep on a wedge pillow, and she tells me it has definitely helped.

I’m still trying to convince her to get tested, because she definitely snores, stops breathing, then snorts.

I seem to have had an annoying reaction to starting the CPAP.

It didn’t make me feel fantastic - but I had a bit less of an urgent need to nap EVERY SINGLE DAY. I didn’t feel any better in the mornings when I started using it.

But… now if I miss it, I swear I’m much worse than before I started using it. I wonder if the muscles that hold open the airways get lazy from not having to work as hard?

I actually made my husband get a sleep study, as his snoring was getting so bad it was really disturbing my sleep. As I’ve got a number of sleep issues, I couldn’t afford one more factor. The first clinic he went to said “yeah, but not enough to treat”.

So he went to another one for a second opinion on the results from the study, and they said “well, we’re specialists, and we read things differently. You need CPAP”.

SAME SLEEP STUDY, different interpretation.

So he got CPAP, and I started sleeping better.

A few years later, he pulled off some weight. Got retested (at the second clinic) and they said he didn’t need it any more. But, he felt he slept better with it - so he’s continued using it.

**kunilou: **get out your phone some night and record your wife’s issues. Threaten to send the recording to her doctor.

Around 2003, my now-ex-wife told me I was ceasing breathing while asleep and asked me to get tested. She said I always snored, but this was different.

I averaged 80 events of Apnea per hour. Yes. 80. When I went back a few weeks later to the center to be fitted for a CPAP and re-tested, the lab tech told me he wasn’t allowed to discuss my results the morning after I had the initial test.

But, since I was now back for the CPAP fitting and I’d been given my report, he told me I made their wall of fame. Apparently one of the highest incidents/ hour they’d seen.

Oh, lucky me.

Since being issued the machine, I have been without it exactly 4 nights. It changed my life. I had 2 die early on. ( Note- do not check your CPAP in airline baggage. :eek: ). Both of those nights were nearly sleepless and I was catatonic the next day.

Similarly, we visited a friend in Kalamazoo. She had 2 nights running of power outages. After the first night, I was pretty woozy. After the second night I was just trashed…

It has traveled with me all over the place. I’m the most compliant client…

I fly enough that I’m kinda dying to get one of the new smaller self-titrating machines. About the size of a can of soda. Can run on a battery. Could fit into my backpack. Really would be so much nicer. Cannot justify the nearly $ 1,000 expense out of pocket.

Yeah, my sleep study my average was 130 events an hour. You wanna make me cry, threaten to take my cpap away.

My wife has complained about my snoring for years, and noted some apnea events…so I finally went to see a sleep specialist.

I told the specialist I would take the test, but was adamantly against getting a CPAP. She told me (of course) that we would cross that bridge when we came to it.

I subsequently had an in-home sleep study that was inclusive, followed by a lab study that indicated I had moderate sleep apnea. I didn’t think the lab test could be that accurate, as I didn’t sleep well at all, but they told me that they got good data.

In between these two tests, I discovered that I had a moderate aortic root aneurysm, for which there is a causal link with sleep apnea (because your blood pressure spikes when you stop breathing). This quickly changed my attitude regarding the use of a CPAP. I’ve now had one since October 2017, and have missed all of two nights since then (due to power outages). As a side benefit, I’m quite a bit more rested now, without the constant feeling of being jet-lagged.

I had great difficulty getting used to the CPAP at first, but now don’t have much of an issue. A month after I started, I switched from a full-face mask to the DreamWare nasal pillows, which allows me to easily sleep on my side. The tube connects on top of your head, so I can roll from one side to the other without wrapping the hose around my neck. :eek:

The woman assured me that I was sleeping; I assured her I didn’t sleep a wink.

I really didn’t. Who can sleep all wired up like that with some technician in another room … watching them?

Anyway, the results said I don’t have sleep apnea. As a person who didn’t sleep while being monitored I figure it was an expensive waste of the insurance company’s money.

Tested, came back with a severe case of sleep apnea.

The machine really does help, and for me was surprisingly easy to get used to.

Better still has been the 50 pounds I’ve lost- sleep apnea is gone entirely.

First week being a hosehead—and I have yet to get past 2 hours of sleep. I wake up with a bad case of Sahara tongue. Crunchy should not be a descriptive term for your tongue!

Does your CPAP have a humidification feature?

Oh yes–and it is running full out. Secondary issue is if I lie down for over 3 hours, my lungs fill with gunk. With or without the CPAP.