A question about socks

Thanks. One thing I’ve been curious about is whether anyone knows who Scotty the Kid is?

Chief Engineer Montgomery Scott’s wayward, galaxy-hopping outlaw kid?

I hear he held up space trains.

He’s you. Duh.

The rapper/dj?

… who is all in QAnon stuff, apparently.

…better known for his self-promotion and support for QAnon crap then for his music.

Ha! Bingo!

I could endorse a form of this. Like, establish a username such as Confessional, and publish the password for it. Anybody could log on as confessional and post personal stuff that they want to get off their chest, but DON’T want tracedback to them.

ISTM that such a feature could get a little dark though.

I’m sure there’s zero chance it would ever be used for trolling or other nefarious purpose.

There is an anonymous mode, it has to be explicitly enabled in the site settings by the site owners. It’s not a highly desired features by most of our customers, and it’s difficult to get it right…

Yeah, I can understand that. I had the opposite problem to @DSeid; I wanted to post a story that might be somewhat identifying, but I wish to remain anonymous to avoid the metaphorical torches and pitchforks. Even the ancient Greeks knew that anonymity does not bring out the best in people, so it’s not surprising it causes problems.