A real constitutional crisis on the horizon? (immigration, sanctuary cities, and DHS)

The California AG is threatening employers with prosecution if they run afoul of their new state law, AB450, which apparently makes consent a crime:


The AG is going to prosecute people who break the law? Well damn, California! The nerve!

In my experience employers typically instruct their managers to request a copy of the warrant granting INS or ICE access to the non-public areas of the business. If they don’t have one they don’t get in. Not sure what the big deal is just because CA made it the law.

The law in question appears (to my non-lawyer eyes) to violate the freedom of assembly. IIUC, it would make it a criminal act to invite an ICE agent into one’s office. That seems … well … NUCKING FUTS (AKA Thursday in California)!!!

Let’s be clear: the current push behind increasing deportations and targeting sanctuary city policies is rooted in bigotry and misperception. It is based in the notions that American citizenship is a sacred birthright, that illegal immigrants are a drain on resources without contributing anything back to the community, and that a significant number of them are violent criminals. The first notion is a philosophical one, and the line between those who believe it and those who don’t is the line between bigots and opponents of bigotry. The other two notions can be disproven with simple numbers, but really the people who espouse these notions buy into them because they are a comfort to their bigotry.

There is no criminal crisis among illegal immigrants large enough to warrant the punishment of the entire illegal immigrant community with increased, and increasingly violent, deportations. These are human beings who on the whole are contributing members of their local communities, working their asses off to enjoy a better life in the US. I have no more problem with them skirting immigration laws to get here than I have with people using illegal drugs, getting away without paying parking tickets, or any other misdemeanor that is regularly treated with leniency by law enforcement.

As has been pointed out upthread, this effort by the Trump administration will rightfully fail in the courts. Local authorities are under no obligation to do the feds’ job for them.

Could you quote the specific section of the law that “would make it a criminal act to invite an ICE agent into one’s office”?

See post #41

Probably better than most.

It would be for violation of 8 U.S. Code § 1324 - Bringing in and harboring certain aliens. Emphasis mine.

Sigh. No, it is not. It is rooted in a desire to live under the rule of law.

Here’s what the OP has to say about the rule of law:

Rule of law, eh? Name a court decision that says that states are obligated to enforce Federal laws.

You must be one of them Constitution lovin’ conservatives . States rights and all. So show me in the Constitution where states are authorized to enforce federal laws.
Or where they can be forced to enforce federal law.

AFAIK, HD does not set policy at DHS or for state or local authorities.


I doubt that prohibiting private citizens from cooperating with federal law enforcement is going to hold up in court.

Here’s the relevant story:


Employers can cooperate with any federal law enforcement that they want to, and any state that prohibits private citizens from putting loyalty to country ahead of loyalty to state should be regarded as hostile, and all federal funding pulled.

Do you understand the difference between “you do not have to do X” and “you are not allowed to do X”?

The oldest synagogue in Sacramento has declared themselves a sanctuary and will show up at any reported ICE raids to resist and to help the victims to escape.

Sure ICE might know when a famous criminal gets released. What about the guy that robbed a liquor store with a gun that didn’t even get a mention in the paper? In reality ICE will have no idea when criminal aliens are being released from prison or on bail. Places that have introduced sanctuary laws are refusing to honor ICE detainers and are not informing ICE that the inmate is being released. It happened close to me where ICE had to come in and hunt down a bunch that were released from jail. Our new governor plans to do that statewide.

Has anybody told them that?

That sounds like a fantastic way to get themselves arrested.