Accounting for Vacation Days, why?

I was hired by my previous job in June of 2000. In June of 2001 I was awarded my vacation time (80 hours). In January of 2002 the company converted their vacation award period to calendar years. IIRC, I got a memo in January '02 telling me of their plan to make all vacation accrual awards “consistent”. So I had had a period of six months to use 80 hours which I wasn’t made aware of and didn’t use since I figured I had a whole year to use the time. I lost ~36 hours of vacation. Lost. Gone. Unpaid, gone. I griped, and was told that “vacation time is a benefit we provide, not law mandated”. So, in that their view was that vacation was a gift, they had no qualms about taking away said gift. I was mightily pissed. :mad:

Since I was just laid-off a/o 1/1, anybody think I have recourse?

No, you have a burnt-out employee.

But shouldn’t it be the employee who decides when they’ve reached that point and need time off? Companies are typically not very good at recognizing this.