Actors/Actresses whose looks changed drastically

Good one. Pretty much just the eyes give away that it’s Dwayne Wayne.

Am I the first to mention Vincent D’Onofrio?

Yeah, wife and I were watching “Ratched” on Netflix, and the Governor looked vaguely familiar. Went on IMDB to see who it was, and woah. Yes, again it’s mostly just age and weight gain, but he has gone through some changes for sure.

I’ve been watching a lot of Friends reruns and though they obviously all aged over the course of the series run, Courtney Cox looks very different to me somewhere around the third season(?). I can’t detect any obvious cosmetic surgery(but I’m not very good at that) but she just has a different look. Thinning her brows seems to contribute to that, at well as changing her hair.Hell, even her voice and mannerisms seem to have changed, though I guess that could be the writers gradually evolving her character.

Apparently, she agreed with you.

She seemed to get overly skinny at some point, too, making her look harsh and skeletal. I think that in current pictures she looks really good, and more natural than before.

Frank Langella used to be a devastatingly handsome, long-haired seducer, a role he played in Mel Brooks’ The Twelve Chairs and on Broadway as Dracula (and later in John Badham’s film adaptation of the play.
Mel Brooks and Frank Langella in The Twelve Chairs (1970)

As he got older, he turned into the buzz-cut hard-edged dominant character he’s played in movies and onstage ever since. He never seems to smile anymore

(I was able to see him transitioning between the two forms, when he played Salieri in Shaffer’s Amadeus on Broadway.)

Oh, come on! A guy who was so old that he was wearing a World War II uniform in his “young” picture, compared to how he looked when he was an “actor” with cameos in movies three years ago? That’s just plain old age.

Well, his look did change over the years (mostly changes in his facial hair).

And then there was his 1970s leisure-suit-and-pornstar-mustache phase

What do you mean? Here he is, clearly smiling…