Actors that can't sing

Meryl Streep has actually had vocal training. Her voice may not be to your tastes, but she can sing.

My vote would be for Marlon Brando. He was painful and ridiculous in “Guys and Dolls” surrounded by incredible talent.

Julia Roberts sang terribly in Everyone Says I Love You.

“The Student Prince” is the classic example of the movie overdub.

That doesn’t prove that Edmund Purdom couldn’t sing but certainly not on the level of Mario Lanza.

Cathrine Zeta Jones…she was horrible in Chicago…she was SCREAMING rather then singing.

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Not a musical episode, but Lee Majors sang two songs for the two-part introductory of the Bionic Woman, a spinoff of his Six Million Dollar Man series.

And Richard Burton in Camelot.

I came here to post that. I can’t find a link to a clip, but his singing at the wake/funeral in Bones 4x21 “The Double Death of the Dearly Departed” is pretty horrible.

I was watching Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade once and they had John Ratzenberger come up and “sing” something. It was hypnotically bad. Really, I cannot describe it. Might be on YouTube if someone cares to search; I can’t at work.

I think people have mentioned it on this very board and elsewhere,
but Clint Eastwood singing at the end of Gran Torino just made everyone go “what the hell is that?”

That’s what I came in to say. Wow. Everyone else was at least passable.

I did enjoy watching Zach Braff (J.D.) visibly strain to reach a high note in Guy Love, only to have Donald Faison (Turk) top him without effort.

Jack Nicholson and Oliver Reed were particularly bad in Tommy.

I was pleasantly surprised by how well everyone sang in Romance & Cigarettes. Even James Gandolfini was halfways decent!

I do remember him on the British Who’s line is it Anyway in a singing skit or two. He always did it just talking in a deliberately arrhythmic style. And very funny because it is him.

Dammit, Just missed the edit window.

Found a rap of it. Unfortunately watching it now, it is one of the most painful skits the show ever showed.

Not an actor but worth noting - I once sat through a performance of Lil’ Abner with Joe Namath singing the lead role.

They said that he was singing but you couldn’t tell it. The only thing that helped was that his voice was so bad that it was funny.

I read an article that stated that Woody Allen got everyone signed up to be in his movie and only then did he tell them it was a musical - surprise! Julia Roberts was dreadful, but as stated upthread apparently Drew Barrymore was so impossibly bad they had to dub in her song vocals with someone else.

Despite that, this is possibly the funniest impression of Michael Jackson I’ve ever seen:

I didn’t think Kidman or MacGregor were so great in Moulin Rouge.

Every time Woody Allen made one of the actresses sing in his earlier films (I haven’t seen the newer ones), they were pretty much sucky.

She wasn’t half as horrible in Chicago as Richard Gere was. My good God, he was diabolical.