Actors you DON'T recognize

I was posting something else and thought of another actor who is a perfect candidate for this thread.

Ian McDiarmid

He had a pretty major role in the Star Wars saga (was anybody else in five of the movies?) and I don’t remember seeing him in anything else. IMDb lists quite a few roles for him. The only one I’m sure I’ve seen is Dirty Rotten Scoundrels, but obviously he didn’t make much of an impression.

I remember him being in that movie – i recognized the name on the credits, and wanted to see what he looked like without the makeup. But I only recognized him by the weird name.

And, of course, he wasn’t originally in Empire Strikes Back. he got a back-door pass into the Special Edition.

No, Scott Grimes was the nerdier of the two little kids that Charles was in charge of.

ETA: No wait, was CinC? Scott Grimes palyed some little dweeb in something when he was a kid.

I like BBT as an actor. And I really like Sling Blade the movie (and the character). It’s just that regardless of how many times I see the movie, I can’t see Billy Bob Thornton. If Sling Blade the character were to walk into my office right now, I wouldn’t recognize him as BBT.

OK, Billy Bob Thornton, I would recognize. But I have never even heard of any other name in this thread.

Oh, I had the wrong show. It was this one. I have no idea why, but I remember him on the show, but not the show itself.

I thought this was a huge, huge strength of those projects.

That’s funny the name of that show being Together We Stand since that could easily be an episode title for Band of Brothers.

Heh…the funny thing is that I actually recognized Larry Bryggman…he played a villain on my mom’s soap opera As The World Turns for DECADES!

In regards to the “Band of Brothers” cast:

Damian Lewis actually appeared in two seasons of “Life” on NBC. The first season was shortened by the writer’s strike.

Neal McDonough shows up in movies, and had been cast in a series for ABC, but got fired for not being willing to do sex scenes.

Colin Hanks has a show on Fox now called “The Good Guys.”

You’re one of those people! Welcome to the same group that both my parents fall in. Apparently, they live next door to the guy, and think that southern accent is amazing.

Post 5.

I think I may have mentioned this in a thread about a year ago, but after my wife and I watched the “John Adams” HBO miniseries on DVD, I went to IMDB to look up Stephen Dillane, who played Thomas Jefferson in the series, because I thought he did a fantastic job. It looks like he has a pretty extensive resume, but nothing I recognized or would have seen him in before.