Add to the list of (fictional) Lunar cities...

I just noticed the similarity of 2001’s Clavius moonbase</a></div><div%20class=

With Space:1999’s Moonbase Alpha

Does this radial, modular design have a name?

When hard-hitting detective Dick tracy landed on the moon in 1964 (Honest!!!) he found Moon Valley and a whole civilization of moon people.

Not to be confused withGidney and Cloyd, the moon men from Rockey and Bullwinkle.

Not that I know of. I know there was some grumbling by the 2001 design team when the TV show premiered, though.

Sorry about that. Looks like the Large size is available without a login, so here we go again. Far Side Near Side

Cool - thanks! Why build railroads, though? Why not hop around by small suborbital rocket, or use Moon jeeps or the like?

Well first, it is part of a series of games about building railroads. Second, trains would be faster and easier to access than rockets or Moon Jeeps. Think Japanese bullet train, only faster.

This thread reminded me of a book written for the young adult/juvenile market around the time I was in high school about two boys who live on an “under glass” moon colony. You’re allowed to go outside the dome for expeditions but they’re really restrictive and you can’t really just free range…anyway being teens the boys eventually break the rules and run off with a moon rover and get lost and end up stranded in a cave filled with an alien plant-based life form that is sentient in some way.

I couldn’t for the life of me remember the name, but with the power of Google I found out it’s The Lotus Caves, by John Christopher (who recently died…he also wrote a good young adult trilogy about earth some hundreds of years after it was conquered by an alien species.)

Based on what I can find about The Lotus Caves it looks like the name of the lunar colony is just “The Bubble.” One thing I remember about it other than it being a literal glass dome is that colonists sign a contract where they are required to live/work on the moon for 25 years and when they return to Earth they are given a very large bonus that makes it all worthwhile, and travel around the colony is done through personal cars that are totally automated (so like driverless cars essentially.)

I have a fan fiction story where the characters go to Shoemaker Base, at the lunar south pole.

I suppose it might make sense. Not sure, though. You don’t have to build or maintain nearly as much infrastructure to just have a system of spaceports, though. Dunno if vactrains or the like would be more energy-efficient.

One thing that makes it easier, no need to do create the vacuum. And you can have the station in the middle of town, not something to be done lightly with rockets. So easier to access overall, and tie into the local mass transit.

The Draka had a full-sized Moon city in The Stone Dogs, but I don’t recall the name.

Earthdark by Monica Hughes: Kepler Base. (Yes, despite the name, it’s a permanent community and not just an outpost.)

Grand Tour series by Ben Bova: Selene

The original Mass Effect has a side quest where you have to go to the moon. There isn’t an actual city name, but it’s called the Luna Research Base

From Edgar Rice Burroughs’ John Carter of Mars series: Helium, Thark, Ptarth, Gathol, Dusar, Ghasta, Hastor, Zadonga, Xanator, Lothar, Horz, Jahar, Ghasta.

Uh… aren’t those all on Mars?

:smack: That explains why no one had already mentioned them, I guess

Did you hear about the new restaurant on the Moon? Great food, but no atmosphere.