Advertising in the classroom

“No Pepsi, Coke.”

Actually, I don’t think Pepsi could get a truck onto our campus. Coca-Cola has us locked down pretty solid. Not the soda - that’s only in the Faculty Rooms. But the “healthy” crap like Powerade and such are all that’s in the vending machines.

When I did my horticulture course, the teachers always discussed a range of options for pest control, do nothing, organic control, pesticide. Later, that school started getting donations from Yates and other companies and the curriculum changed. Other options were no longer discussed and they just taught pesticide use. I think it’s a shame.

Channel One still exists. I have a teenage relative who is mentally disabled, and she loves it to the point where, if she’s sick, she wants to go to school just to watch this, and has done it several times.

I went yes. In my memory there was always some sort of advertising from sponsor ads in the school newspaper to some small display and teaching tools like the “don’t touch/blasting cap” display (what can I say - it was a rural school in coal country) provided by DuPont. It all pretty much rolled off our backs. And as much advertising as kids see on the internet ------ something in me says why not.

The Wall Street Journal gave us free copies in 12th grade economics and an insanely low price in college. However, in the pre internet era, there was almost no other place to get the data we would need.

I was a subscriber for a long time. But, as the internet reduced the need and the WSJ descended into a right wing rag, I haven’t subscribed in years. In the good days, yes, the editorial pages were kooky, but the news reporting was spot on.

Yes, the district has a coke contract. Altho as an independent from the school group, the booster club has never signed a contract. I know this because I was Sect/treas. for 3 years. Coke product is what everyone wants and we have no problem selling it. The coaches weren’t happy about the gatorade debacle though. They were getting it donated. The athletic boosters are covering their powerade purchase for now. I just want the sales reps to be nice, we are making big purchases all through the school year. It’s not too much to ask.

It’s Chick-fil-a here and I most definitely do not like it. Every incentive they have at this school is related to Chick-fil-a. Every month there’s a parent breakfast, which is basically a dried out, lukewarm, FULL PRICE chicken biscuit I’m guessing they must get at a discount to re-sell for school funds. I hope they get something out of it anyway. It just started this year when a new store opened up in the neighborhood. Now there are “nutrition info” ads in the cafeteria and an ad on the school website and their sneaky “free fries” gift for good grades. Like anyone is just getting out of that place with a single small fry.