advice on attire

The casually elegant thing is a sort of snarky way of your host telling you that he wants you to look really good and as if that isn’t enough he also wants you to pretend that you always look that good because it’s just not cool if you have to work at it.

Men generally should wear slacks, a sports coat and a shirt with a collar to these occasions. Under no circumstances should your slacks be made of the same fabric as your jacket. I’ve always preferred a lightweight polo shirt to a button down shirt when dressing my men for casually elegant.

You want to hear something funny? Just last night I performed that dance at work for a small audience.

Tonight I’m going to an event where the invitation said I should be dressed “sexy casual”.

Jeans and a bra?

Come on, people, be clearer about this crap. then you’ll avoid the dozens of people calling and emailing you to clarify what the fuck you mean.

I’d say wear your best Canadian Tuxedo.

Jesus - I actually think this one is really cute:


Yeah I agree with accidental yuppie. (and also with the other posters that are mocking the word choice)

Blazer and slacks is the way to go here. No jeans, no chinos. If you don’t have a blazer then sports coat is good too. No tie.

thanks for all the replies!
especially thanks since I had such trouble finding my own original post.

For completeness, this is a fundraiserfor the local Symphony Society. Cocktails and Dinner at one house, pianist at another house. I am moving up in the world (or more likely the fundraising efforts are moving down the chain…). :slight_smile:

I knew it!
I’m good to go. Except that my bib is stained…

My wife and I got a similarly worded invitation to an upcoming wedding (“Elegant Attire”), and, knowing our friends as we do, had to call the groom up and say “Do you want me to dress like James Bond at the Casino in Monte Carlo, or do you just mean don’t show up in Jeans and a T-shirt with a Far Side cartoon on it?”

His response was basically what’s been suggested in this thread- suit jacket/blazer, collared shirt, and ideally not jeans, no matter how expensive they are.

we will be attending and that way I can learn something new!