Advice on buying a tent?

You need at least two points to hang the tent from. You can hang it between two cars, two trees, a tree and a car, etc.

There are ways (outlined on the web sites) to hang the hammock tent using a simple pole. Also, you can use it as a regular tent on the ground by using stakes. However, I haven’t tried either of these, and wouldn’t really recommend them. If thats what your looking for, then just buy a regular tent.

I’m surprised so many people have good things to say about REI. They are way, way overpriced. I’m sure the gear is good, but you don’t need to pay that much money. Try out Cabelas or LL Bean. They are both good companies with great return policies. You can buy a tent from LL Bean and return it 10 years later for a full refund if you like.