Aircraft Carrier in Tsunami?

In the open ocean the wave can be traveling very fast. The news last night said 600 mph. As it aproaches land it begins to slow down causing the build up.

My brother was on a aircraft carrier when the ship had one pass it. The only way anyone could tell was they anounced it on the 1MC.

On August 29,1916, the armoured cruiser USS MEMPHIS was at anchor in Santo Dominco when she was driven ashore by heavy waves. The ship was a total loss.
Some sources said a tsunami was the posssible cause. The ship was 504 feet long 14,000 tons.

The hook weighs tons and has flukes on the end that dig in to the sea bed if pulled hard enough. When a ship is at anchor it will swing on the anchor depending on the wind and tides. The force along the hull is normally along the for aft axis, therfore not extreamly high.

Super Tankers still use hooks to anchor and they are larger.

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According to news reports, a cruise ship carrying 100 passengers is currently missing due to the Japanese tsunami. I don’t know how big the missing cruise ship is, though it is undoubtedly much smaller than a carrier. However, if the tsunami can make a sizable ship simply disappear, I can’t imagine that a carrier struck full on by a tsunami would be in good shape thereafter.

As mentioned before a tsunami in the open ocean is harmless. You could be in a dinghy and feel no ill effects.

If you are close to shore (i.e. shallow water) when the tsunami hits then yeah…no matter how big your boat is you are in for a bad time.

For a tsunami rolling in from Japan, I think they get about six hours’ warning in Hawaii. I have no experience with this, but I’d guess it might be logistically difficult to make an unplanned/unscheduled sortie of an aircraft carrier less than six hours after making the decision to do so.

FWIW, if you look at Pearl Harbor on a map, it’s pretty well sheltered from the open ocean. If you can’t get out to deep water on short notice, Pearl Harbor’s probaby a pretty good alternative.

A previous thread that may be of interest:

And a photo of USS Ronald Reagan during testing:;071030-N-6074Y-053.jpg

Sheltered, but connected. A tsunami like this one isn’t just a big wave that you can wait for to pass. The entire sea level rises (or the sea floor drops). Harbor water rises just like everything else. Look at Crescent City, CA. The shape of the harbor actually made things much worse by amplifying the wave and water action.

I suppose you’re right, although the whole place is a trio of lagoons connected to the ocean by a common narrow passage that limits the rate of influx of sea water, and helps disperse any disruptive wavefront; I would guess any tsunami would manifest itself there as just a rapid high tide.

But then, I shouldn’t have to guess. does anyone actually know what really happened in Pearl Harbor last Friday?

If you have the patience for it, here’s a PDF studying potential tsunami’s in Pearl written in 2006:

Never mind, I just found this.

Aw, you posted while I was typing; this is from the executive summary of that document we both linked to.