Airport Security Crackdown

Not a Kansas City Doper, but I have flown to or from Kansas City four times in the past calendar year.

There are still multiple screening stations in each terminal. It’s kind of a weird setup, because at most airports, one can shop or eat or use the bathroom after passing through security, and that’s not as true at Kansas City.

On the other hand, that means you can chat with the people who brought you to the airport until they start loading your plane, if you are so inclined.

I haven’t been back to NZ for a number of years comparable to the life of a donkey, however, in Australia the current setup is Xray and security screening for anyone wanting to go through the security point to the gates. Non-passengers are not excluded from the domestic gates. I think they are on international flights but that is more because of Customs and Immigration rather than security.

I haven’t flown domestic in Australia recently, but (ay Sydney airport), flying international, after checking in at the airline’s counters, and hanging round with your friends in the public area, you first go through Immigration and Customs, then through an X-ray screening, then wander through the air-side duty-free shops (there are other duty-free shops on the land-side of Immigration), then (at least for US-bound flights) go through another security inspection where they check your carry-on items quite thoroughly. Both the X-ray screening and the second security inspection are post 9/11.

La Guardia has not allowed non-passengers past security for a long time. About 20 years ago I was meeting my parents at the airport. They got off the gate, didn’t see me there and promptly sat down to wait for me…grrrrr.

I finally had to have them paged to a counter and the clerk informed them where I was waiting.

Boston has this setup as well, I believe.

For international flights out of Sydney you’re spot on. I found it funny that you’ve already been through x-rays and metal detectors, yet they don’t open up access to the gate itself until maybe an hour before the flight, and then you have to have carry on bags physcially checked again :confused: What do they think they are going to achieve? They basically have 4-5 staff having to do these additional bag checks for no real value.

And I can confirm that for domestic flights from Brisbane & Sydney, anyone can get to the gates after the usual x-ray and metal detectors. In many smaller airports in Queensland, from personal experience - Emerald & Rockhampton, there really isn’t any security checks to speak off.

Actually, after a renovation a few years ago, there are now small snack stands and bathrooms beyond security. Rather than have one security checkpoint per gate, they consolidated them, so each security checkpoint is for 5 or 6 gates. It’s still inconvenient for people connecting through, but the locals love it because it’s so quick to get to your gate or from the plane to baggage claim.

The city, of course, is planning to build a new terminal south of the airport in 10 to 20 years. Despite a public outcry against the plan, they say they have to do it because it will help the airport retailers. :rolleyes: