Al Gore-Renewable energy by 2018: What is he smoking?

Indeed, but that’s only because so many people are insisting on one-piece forgings (and surely it’s for a containment vessel, not the containment dome?). From that very link:

In a hypothetical Great Nuke Building Boom this is just one of the many safety standards that would need to be relaxed. Just how far standards would need to be dropped in order to let e.g. the US build 400 plants in a decade I don’t know - probably a lot further than anyone would be comfortable with.

In all this worship of the almighty free market I take it we are all cool with repealing the Indemnification Act that is an open public subsidy of the industry?

And private industry will cover all the security costs and all the costs of dealing with the waste issue and decommissioning?

And the hundreds of billions in the Leiberman/Warner Bill will be shown the back of our hand?

Wouldn’t want subsidies distorting the market now would we?