Al Qaeda and the California Fires

Well you can count me out, I don’t even have a passport. That’s one less.


If it looks like an accident, no one will come looking to arrest you. It’s a low-risk, medium-yield harrassment attack like sabotaging railroad tracks, spreading caltrops on interstate highway, etc. I’m not saying that these fires were the work of terrorists, I’m just saying that if it were me, it would be a tactic that is on the table.

There’s about six billion people in the world, I don’t think the Welsh were ever in the frame.
Mind you, (or should that be ‘Look You’) the Welsh do have a history of burning down houses…

Yes, possibly, but it’s unlikely. And the usual fire investigations aren’t good enough for you?

A year or two ago, AlQ was speculated to be possibly: starting fires; spreading disease at salad bars; at farms; attacking any known landmark from the Golden Gate Bridge to the flagpole in Pescadero (pop.300); cropdusting cities with anthrax, smallpox, and botulism; blowing up water supplies; blowing up fuel supplies; blowing up electric transmission lines; blowing up Bush, Cheney, Congress, hospitals, churches, dams, highways, bridges, large buildings, Academy Awards presentations and Boy Scout headquarters—one AlQ suspect arrested in India and interrogated said that AlQ had infiltrated a mole into Microsoft in order to insert security vulnerabilities in to code (which our gov’t took seriously, until the explanations by compu-security people and the crash of laughter on Slashdot and elsewhere opened their eyes). And who knows what-all.

Quite possibly the resources we have spent on trying to do something about all these cost us more per unit time than what Al Quaeda could have cost us. Other than lives: and the resources if spent on reducing automobile accidents arguably could have saved more lives.

In other words, the taxpayers need to have properly funded fire departments, law enforcement, and public health departments.

And make decisions by cost-benefit assessments. And don’t get stampeded by s-disturbers. (sigh…[/IMHO])