Al-Qaeda Hit List --Mrs. Jay Leno??

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Have any fellow Dopers heard anything about Al-Qaeda wanting to kill Mavis Leno (Mrs. Jay Leno)?

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I know she was active in bringing attention to the atrocious condition of women in the Taliban’s Afghanistan. I don’t know if Al-Qaeda had an official “hit-list” though.

She’s openly for education, healthcare and basic equality for females, so I don’t doubt they aren’t especially fond of her. She may well be on the list of Especially Evil Infidels simply on principle.

I am not aware of any reason she would suddenly move to Al Queda’s short list, but I haven’t been paying attention lately. Where did you hear whatever brought this up?

Larry Borgia is right. In fact, it was in an article about Mavis Leno’s activism for women under the Taliban that I learned about, well, women under the Taliban.

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Mavis Leno was the “celebrity” voice of activism for Taliban awareness. I haven’t kept up with her current activities but global feminism is a big deal for her. It wouldn’t surprise me at all to hear that she has angered certain conservative sectors of Islam.