Alec Baldwin [accidentally] Kills Crew Member with Prop Gun

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Here is another article with a different slant:

With a smaller gun he might have been less likely to kill her (assuming smaller calibre, not just a physically smaller gun–not clear which is referred to).

Sure. And with a *bazooka he’d have obliterated her and the director both.

*(Okay, to be period appropriate, I suppose that should say “shotgun”. Either way, I have to seriously question the motivation of anyone reaching down to the “size” of the gun.)

A gun is a prop on a movie set. The type of gun or caliber doesn’t matter.

The prop became lethal because of extreme negligence by multiple people.

I can’t fault the caliber of gun selected for a character.

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No they were not.
Live ammo is not supposed to be anywhere near the film site.

The armorer needs to on the site and check the weapons, and load with either blank or dummy. Once loaded, the guns should not leave their control/ sight.

The Director who handed the gun to Baldwin and yelled “cold gun” did not check it.

You are correct except the last part. A verified cold gun can be pointed at the camera, iirc.

Those videos are taken with a standard Colt .45. Not the gun in question, which could have been modified.

Right- what Baldwin did or did not do is beside the question. He was handed a “COLD GUN!” and treated it properly. Many actors do double check, but that is by no means required.

Umm, no. A .38 can be just as deadly as a .45, with the differences being argued over. Now, if it had been a .22 rimfire, sure, but afiak, they don’t use those.

Really, because the ACTUAL SUPPLIER in question said differently:
Kenney’s interview with GMA contradicts with what he told investigators on Oct 29, which was that the dummy bullets could have been mixed with “reloaded ammunition” he obtained from a friend a couple of years ago.

Seth Kenney of PDQ Arm & Prop, the ammunition supplier to Rust, told ABC’s Good Morning America today that he didn’t supply the live rounds to the film production, one of which was ultimately used in a gun discharged by Alec Baldwin, that killed DP Halyna Hutchins on Oct. 21.

“There were other dummy rounds that were integral to the gun belts. So those rounds, we can’t speak to,” Kenney told GMA , “It’s not a possibility that they came from PDQ or from myself personally.”

“When we send dummy rounds out, they get individually rattle tested before they get sent out,” Kenney added, “So if you have a box of 50, you’ve got to do it 50 times. And at that point you know they’re safe to send.”

Yes, after talking with his lawyer (I assume), he said that on Good Morning America. It’s referenced in my cite that his GMA interview doesn’t jibe with what he told investigators - you know, the people who can arrest you for lying to them.

I don’t see how Baldwin’s refusal to turn over his phone in regards to a warrant for it works in his favor.

It may be splitting hairs, but “hasn’t yet done it” doesn’t necessarily constitute a “refusal” to do so.

I know I wouldn’t want someone going through everything on my phone without knowing what information may be copied or made public, and I’m not even a celebrity.

I suspect that his lawyers are attempting to negotiate the scope of the warrant.

You can just imagine the paparazzi and gossip news if that phones contents leaked. Alec probably has Texts with dozens of actors and public figures.

They’re probably trying to ensure the information is kept private. Only data pertaining to this case gets released.

Alec Baldwin needs Shitter.

Hannah Gutierrez-Reed’s legal team goes on the offensive. It seems like good strategy. There’s no reason to roll over and take all the blame. I expect a lot of lawsuits (against each other) will be filed by the people directly involved.

It was still her job to check.

We can expect a lot of finger-pointing by the people involved. They all want to say someone else screwed up.

I’m very curious to see what the DA decides. Who ultimately gets charged?

I think they’ll all face various lawsuits.

Yeah, this is just an attempt to get a jump on the blame game for civil suits. If she actually had exculpating evidence, it would have been turned over to police on advice of her attorney or it would have “accidentally” leaked to major news media. Remember, her attorney has already said publicly that someone on set swapped in the live round to frame Gutierrez Reed for reasons unexplained.

Gutierrez Reed had the responsibility to carefully check and recheck every round that went into all the guns that were used on set. That’s gun safety 101 on a movie set.

I see merit in the lawsuit against Kenney. It’s shocking that a full box of dummies had 7 live rounds mixed in. I would have been extremely angry to find that box of mixed ammo in a prop truck. Yes, I would have checked every round as it is loaded. Caught the error and checked the entire box. Then reported the safety violation to the Production Company. MSN

That’s a good point but the time it took doesn’t help the gossip end of it.

As I said upthread, I don’t think there is any doubt that the live rounds came from Kenney. He admitted as much to the police that he had the live rounds and dummies that were both made with Starline brass. He apparently “borrowed” the rounds from Gutierrez Reed’s dad a year ago for a different movie. Reed’s dad confirms this, although he used the word stole rather than borrow.

What I don’t believe is that this mysterious box of ammo suddenly appeared on set the day of the shooting. I’m sure it was there from day one and was never checked by Gutierrez Reed, or anyone else on set that was supposed to do gun safety.

The whole safety chain for weapons on this set was fucked from start to finish. Kenney, Gutierrez Reed and Hall all totally ignored basic safety rules.

One thing I have to say about the investigation in this case is that the police are keeping a tight rein on information. It seems most of what we know is from newspaper interviews, not actual evidence collected.

The full box of dummy rounds with 7 live mixed in really bothers me.

It’s so careless and dangerous. I see why people have speculated about malicious intent.

I notice she didn’t mention unloading the gun before cleaning that chamber. She may have been handling a hot gun without knowing it. Just like Baldwin except she got lucky that it didn’t blow her head off.

The big part I can’t understand is how someone could handle a live round enough to load it into a revolver and mistake it for a blank. These things are so dissimilar enough that even a complete novice shouldn’t be able to make that mistake.