Am I the Only One to Find White Noise F'ing Annoying?

I prefer white noise to snoring.

Back when I was in my apartment, a young couple with a baby moved in one floor below. The baby didn’t bother me one bit but, between the snoring at night and the thumping bass during the day, I hardly got any peace. Took to sleeping in the living room, leaving for work before the music started, and ran all my audio through my computer so I could hear my computer, TV, and/or stereo through the same headphones when they started up the boom boom boom.

One night, I got the idea to drown out the snoring with an electric box fan and have been using one ever since.

I had a condition called hyperacusis that made sound painful.

To cure it, I listened to pink noise all day, every day for 15 months.

White noise has equal power at the higher frequencies, which is why is harsh to listen to.

Try some pink noise.

This might help you:

I like white noise because of the distraction it provides from my tinnitus. I’d be interested to hear whether any of those who don’t like it have any ringing in their ears otherwise.

In my case, no, I don’t normally have ringing in my ears.

Prefer normal sounds when sleeping. No green with purple polka dots type music or noise. No TV, no anything that will mask my reptile brain from hearing any thing that I really need to wake up for. :cool:

The real thing, and not just fans or something? Yes, a lot. It’s hissy and disturbing.

But stuff like fans and stuff? No, I enjoy it. And I don’t know how you can stand modern life with air conditioners and heaters if you can’t stand it.

And, yes, it helps with the tinnitus, though mine seems to not be caused by loud noises but something that goes weird in my brain. (Everyone has a little tinnitis, but you’d likely only notice it in a room designed to be completely silent.)

Silence is best. Any machine noise is bad. Fans too. Like most folks my age in my occupation I have mild tinnitus that will only get worse. I’d much rather listen to the noise in my head than listen to that AND some other damn noise.

Audible TVs, radios, or muzak in public places or offices ought to be illegal. Nowadays anyone who wants sound / noise injected into their ears can easily do so with phone & headset. Forcing anyone else to listen to it ought to be a crime.