Am I the Only One Who Thinks the TV Show “Friends” Is Very Overrated?

C’mon, The Good Place doesn’t belong in this discussion. Sure it’s uplifting, but it’s not feel-good brain candy. Its brilliance is surely more relevant to its popularity.

That comparison is the first thing that came to my mind, too. Friends never appealed to me but Office Space holds up, and she was great in it. What do you mean about her being ruined by trying to be a star or sex symbol? Not trying to argue, just don’t know enough to understand. Explain it to me like I’ve only half-watched a half-dozen episodes, only because it was on every TV at the gym for a while, if you wouldn’t mind.

I knew whodunnit, too, though not from the beginning. (Unless you’re saying you knew it was BOB right from the beginning? Which would be something.) Doesn’t change what I said in any way. Who Killed Laura Palmer wasn’t The Mystery to be solved.

Tell me, why are the owls not what they seem, and what are they? Why was there a fish in the percolator? Did that gum ever come back in style? Did the log really speak? No one knows! The show left factoids (I wouldn’t call them clues - clues fit together, and serve the greater story) lying around like bird droppings. Everyone forgives anything Lynch does. Hell, people think they understand Mullholland Drive, too, which is pretty good, because Lynch certainly doesn’t.

I tried watching exactly one episode of Friends. It was so bad, I couldn’t even finish it.