Amazon Lord of the Rings series

Considering they’re taking that long, I’m surprised they didn’t make it September 22nd. Would have seemed appropriate being Bilbo’s & Frodo’s birthday.

The article says:

The Lord of the Rings TV series will be released on Friday 2nd September 2022 – which just so happens to be the birthday of hobbits Frodo and Bilbo Baggins aka Hobbit Day.

I would assume it’s a typo and it should be Sep 22 (although Sep 22, 2022 is a Thursday and Sep 2 is a Friday).

I saw the September 2, 2022 in another article, so maybe this author made a mistake? Not sure. It’s minor, but I hope it is September 22.

I saw that date (the 2nd) on three different sites. I thought I heard the 22nd on a video, but I couldn’t find it again to double-check.

An Australian comedian summarizes LOTR; maybe they’ll draw on his observations (which are NSFW) in developing the prequel series: