Amazon seller protection, again

If you think they didn’t coerce employees and doctors to under-report injuries, I’ve got a bridge to sell you.

Are you really that gullible? ROFL

For starters, it’s the most popular book in that series, by FAR. It begs the question as to why it’s not available in e-book format, when all the others are. It sticks out, seems odd, however you want to phrase it.

In addition, I’m a customer. They are a business. If they don’t want my money, then sure, they can do whatever they want.

I’ve never had customer service issues with Amazon. (shrug)

I’d be more inclined to advise against Tracfone, based on the worst “service” I ever had the misfortune to endure. When it takes SIX calls in three days (which is a really lousy way to spend a weekend!), with “techs” flat-out lying to me, contradicting each other, etc., just to get voice-mail working, something is REALLY wrong. Thankfully, I was able to find my way to an online Tracfone user group where someone gave me direct contact info for the second-level techs (in this case, please read “second-level techs” as “competent and can comprehend spoken English that might not exactly match a pre-written script”), and the charming gent I reached did get me sorted out.

Still, to this day, seven years later, I refuse to do business with Tracfone, Straight Talk, or any related entity. If I were to choose to leave Virgin Mobile, I’d probably go with T-Mobile. I do NOT want to deal with a contract plan, especially with my husband about six months from layoff.

al27052’s mind is made up; don’t confuse him with facts.

You’re completely fucking spoiled.

Pre-Amazon, I cannot count the number of times I walked into a bookstore, found a fun looking series… sans book #1, or book #3. It happened over and over, since a long running series is going to have much more robust day to day sales in the newer books, the older books tend to languish. At best I could wait on line to request that they order the book for me, and come back a week later to pick it up, assuming the warehouse had it in stock.

Now, an e-book is unavailable due to an author re-write, and you complain that Amazon doesn’t specifically update the entry explaining in detail why the e-book version is delayed. Well, after accusing them of requesting that the e-book be kept off the market in favor of trying to sell the audiobook version.

I’m not sure. Is it beam, arch, suspension, or cantilever?

Not at all. I’m sure you believe every moronic thing you’ve written.

First of all it IS available, now. Next of all, it wasn’t available due to the author’s decision not to re-release it until it was right. Nothing to do with Amazon at all. She also could of mentioned this on her author page…oh wait she did. In a blog. Right there on Amazon.

So, all your bitching is just because you couldn’t bother to read thru and find out. Diane also maintains her own web-page, very common among popular authors, where this info was also available.

I found all this in less than five minutes of searching, or in other words- less time than it took you to write up your ignorant bitchfest.

TracFone phone received today; activated fine; took the minutes from the sticker just fine. So in the end there’s no problem, but I am still going to post a review pointing out that what I received is not what is pictured and has no attached data for problem resolution, or even identifiable seller information.

…and the following review was considered acceptable. Differences, and cause for the first one’s rejection, open for discussion: