America's Elder Crisis, Medicare Edition

But what about robots?

One year, the first year of the ACA, IIRC — I enrolled in a $0 deductible Platinum plan.

It was the only year ever I had decent insurance. I had two cataract surgeries that year, and I also did 6 months of psychotherapy (when the insurance company told me my plan covered 5 visits at no charge and $15 copay per additional visit, I thought I’d misunderstood. “Excuse me, did you say $50?” )

But if I added up the annual premium difference in the policies, I was paying about 2K a year above the policy with a 2K deductible. There were other advantages like lower copays, though.

But it got me to take care of myself without worrying about money. Unfortunately, after the first year the rates skyrocketed and I couldn’t afford it anymore. But I had decent healthcare for a year and got a lot done.

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