an adult threatened my son with violence from his son who is a minor

That makes no sense. How can you lift weights when your fist is sore from punching some dude in the face?

I’d say after the gym but before you go to the club and get wasted. Drinking the alcohol will help you forget about your fist hurting from punching faces.

guiDOH! :smack:


No, it should be after the gym, but before the laundry. That way, you can wash out both sweat and blood stains. Much more efficient, and saves water and electricity.

I’m pretty sure you won.

If they other kid is trained in martial arts, they should both enter a big tournament. Then they agree to stay away from each other until said tournament, upon which time, they will compete against each other, and the good guy will win, and kick the bad guy’s ass.

If the OP wanted to be treated like you treated your mother last night, he’d be on all fours.

Don’t be envious. You’ll get laid one of these days too, champ!

Then I suppose you can provide citations that support this, because, otherwise, the way you presented your argument makes me doubt your claims. The law expects something out of us? You’re seriously anthropomorphizing the law?

Here’s one I found merely googling “the law expects resilience”

[1999]1 All ER 1 (HL)

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