An American Dad Xmas 12/17 (spoilers)

This is American Dad’s first Christmas special. Roger’s been on Earth since 47? :dubious: We need some flashbacks.

That was Lisa Kudrow doing the voice of The Ghost of Christmas Past, wasn’t it? Forgot to check credits.

I thought so too.

Yeah. Hard to read the credits thanks to stupid Fox, but it was clear enough to make out.

Well, we did get a flashback to Roger in the '70s tonight, as well as an explanation as to why disco died in the '80s- there were no more songs on Roger’s magic tape!

I loved the whole “Stan has to shoot Reagan in order to stop the Commies from taking over America” premise. It was so darn bizarre, but believable…sort of.

The Brady bill thing was pretty clever.

The “Holiday Rapist” gag was pretty funny. “Christmas Rapist, Dammit!”

Was there any more to the Mondale crack besides Stan’s normal–well, liberal-bashing isn’t quite the tone I’m looking for, but it’s the best I can think of–liberal-bashing?

Great episoide! I was watching while high, and found the intricate layering of the plot to be very trippy in my state. The statue of Mondale kissing the Russian guy’s foot was priceless.

“Oh, like you’ve never overshot a freeway exit ramp” :stuck_out_tongue:

Damn near busted a gut laughing at that one.

I’m guessing it plays on the whole idea that Reagan was supposedly singlehandedly able to put an end to Communism, what with “Mr. Gorbachev, tear down this wall” and all that.

I don’t know if this clears anything up, but this is the whole story of the time-traveling:

Stan is aggrivated by the removal of the word “Christmas” from the landscape. He realizes that the blame goes to politically-correct liberals, who were all hippies growing up, and that the head hippie is Hanoi Jane Fonda. Stan decides to travel back to 1970 to kill Jane before she can travel to Vietnam and ends up learning that Donald Sutherland, that Kiefer-spawning bastard, is the true culprit- but he’s more interested in helping a young man named Marty Scorcese get off of drugs. Scorcese coming clean causes problems- he never has the creative go-getting to make Taxi Driver, John Hinckley Jr. never gets attracted to Jodie Foster, and never shoots Reagan in order to impress her. Since Reagan’s shooting gave him a boost of spirit in re-election, he ends up losing to Walter Mondale, who surrenders to the Soviet Union weeks into his presidency. There are also some subplots involving the new Taxi Driver starring John Wayne, and Roger the music maven thanks to a mysterious “Disco’s Greatest Hits” tape from the future.