"And Hewe We Have Whewe Piwate Wouwd Have Judged Jesus"

Okay, out of sheer boredom, I’m watching In The Footsteps of Jesus on the History Channel. One of the experts they interview sounds exactly like Michael Palin as Pilate in Life of Brian. He’s running around, pointing out things and saying, “As you can see hewe, the steps have aw been wown down fwom peopwe walking up them.” and “If I was going to put Jesus on twial, that is exactwy whewe I wouwd have put it.” So far, he hasn’t shouted out, “Wewease Wodewick!” but I’m not giving up hope just yet.

Pilate didn’t like that wascally wabbi

yeah, what is it with the brits sloppy pronunciation? can’t they say certain letter combinations? Do they all have mouths full of small pebbles?

I can remember when the brit pronunciation was clear and well formed…very much like the american midwest standard tv announcer pronunciation=\

Well this guy clearly has very bad teeth, and appears to be having a hard time getting his lips around them.

Yes, why can’t the English teach their children how to speak?

This sounds like a person with a speech disability, not a case of sloppy pronunciation.

Not a clue, just that we watch lots of documentaries, and lately there have been a number on british archeological sites that were interesting, until the various purportedly highly educated brits open their mouths…or some tv shows on BBC america, and BBC newsfeeds…yikes!

I know I have trouble, I tend to overlay whatever regional accent I am listening to over my normal accent, so I am in dread of going over there and sounding like a total idiot/pwincess pwecious :eek:

It is bad enough, that the first year mrAru and I camped with our pennsic household [society for creative anachronism festival, 2 weeks camping with 10,000 of our closest friends] after listening to 2 canadians for a few hours, they were convinced that I was canadian because of the speach cadences and overall language use. Totally absentmindedly, I wasnt trying to sound canadian, it is just that I am apparently hardwired to pick up language use quickly. When I was living in Virginia, or New Orleans, I picked up the regional cadences from my friends and co-workers and sounded like a native of the area=(

Sort of sucks, but it happens. I will just have to be anally careful not to pick it up if I go to the british isles and spend any amount of time in pubs I guess :rolleyes:

Bolding mine.
Just what do you think goes on at a pub?

I dunno, I’d think 'tis a wise thing to be anally careful anywhere you go in these times of casual manners.