And the cardiologist said:

That I’m in good shape. He did a cardiogram, echo scan and stress test and was very happy with the results.

Of course, I could have told him that without resorting to all that fancy equipment. It’s been nearly three months since my bypass surgery and I haven’t felt this good in years.

As I was leaving the office, he told me I could have sex any time I like.

Obviously, this man has no understanding of married life.

pass that prescription on over here wally, i’m not married yet, and i sure could use all the help i can get.
congratulations though, hope you remain in good health. :wink:

You should have gotten him to write that on a prescription pad so you could show it to your wife whenever you felt like “it”. :slight_smile:

That’s good news, Wally, glad to hear it!

Good to hear, Wally!

You’re ok Wally? Drat! Foiled again!!!


Congrats buddy. Great to see you’re feeling so good.

So where the hell is the Spumante?

Great news Wally, although I was concerned about the gerbil attack. I’m glad it didn’t cause a setback. :wink:

Wally, why don’t you come over here and have sex with my husband. Not that either of you are gay or closeted bi-guys or even friendly with gerbils, but at least two minutes after starting the deed, you could talk about sports and guy stuff.Leaving your wife and I to sit downstairs over a cup of coffee wondering if all the giggling upstairs was over you retards lighting your farts with matches.

Or perhaps maybe your doctor was hitting on you, you big stud.

Glad to hear everything is aok.

Although, I think stress tests should be done with the kids standing there asking for money and your wife asking you to finish your honey-do list while she adds more stuff to it.
I’ll shut up now

Congrats, Wally.

I now have these two thoughts rattling around my brain:

  1. you trying to convince every attractive female of their obligation to fulfill your physician’s dictum that you can have sex any time you like

  2. the joke I can’t remember that has to do with that topic - something about never being able to go back to that restaurant again.

. . . Give my creation LIFE!!!
Well, that’s what came to my mind when I saw the topic. . .
– Sylence

I’m glad everything looks good Wally.

Now, hold out your hands and close your eyes, I have something for you. :wink:

Glad to hear your ticker is working well again, Wally. Quite a job that doctor did, replacing your heart with a Hoover engine and all. BTW, you still owe me $100 for that Hoover, remember?

And I’ll second the statement that the doctor was hitting on you, rather than giving you marital or medical advice :wink:

Great news, Wally!!! I know that you will take full advantage of your renewed health. Make the most of it guy.

The surgeon privately told me that, had we collected $1,000 instead of our measly $500, he could have botched it. From Wally’s exuberance, looks like we won’t get a second chance.

Told ya, but you just wouldn’t listen!!!

Did he say “any time you like”, or “anywhere you like?” Maybe he meant the latter. Be bold and defy convention.

Congratulations WallyM7! Glad you’re fully recovered.

Did I ever tell you I had a thing for guys and motorcycles? Drive yours over here and we’ll create our own type of mile club.

Wally, you are the only person I know who can make gerbil slaughter and recovery from cardiac surgery funnier than hell.

So glad the tough part is over, you’re mended and feeling great. Uh, as far as your doctor’s advice goes, have you tried telling Mrs. Wally that it’s just horizontal aerobics?


Wally, I’m glad to hear that everything’s okay.

But what is it with doctors and sex, anyway? They keep saying “Oh yeah, it won’t interefere with your sex life,” and all that crap. Right. I wanted an excuse to say no, dammit! I’m paying premiums out the butt so you can gold every Wednesday, dammit! At least you can do me this one little favor!

Great news, my friend.

Especially considering your heart was Made in Canada.