And then... DIABETES!?!

I took to getting an Aussie friend of mine to hook me up with musk lifesavers - my god daughters would raid my purse for regular candy and it still works nicely for a sugar hit if I go hypoglycemic =) I originally asked for a roll of them because I wanted to see what they tasted like [I do medieval cooking and wanted to see what [musk flavoring](Abelmoschus moschatus - Wikipedia) tasted like before I spent for some very expensive animal musk or grow vegetable musk to cook with, also to see if I could fake it without buying musk]

And for those who are curious, it tastes very much like Jovan musk perfume … not unpleasant, IMHO but I also like flower based candy like violet pastilles and don’t mind hing/asfetida papadums =)

It also disallows insulin controlled diabetes. They don’t seem to want to take chances with someone forgetting to take their shot and going into a coma while driving 80,000 pounds of machinery down the highway. Can’t imagine why. :stuck_out_tongue:

There are flavored glucose tablets that are more useful for this. Fast acting but not so messy when the packaging breaks. Also easier to use whle driving if you realize you are starting to show symptoms of low blood sure. (It will happen, you just need to learn exactly how it manifests for you personally and be aware of how it starts so you can catch it early.)

The most annoying things for me were the additions to the annual DOT physical. Annual eye exam (I got one anyway because I have been wearing glasses since age 5, but now I need to get paperwork and hand it in.), EKG every 2 years, 6 month check up appointments with my doctor, stuff like that. Then you spend a month or so getting things taken care of ahead of time for the DOT physical and have all the paperwork ready, go to the clinic the company uses, go in and see the doctor, and he doesn’t so much as glance at any of it.:mad:

Actually, it’s more for accidental (or intentional) overdose making the driver go into insulin shock.