And You Thought Annie Was Bad....

Pierre Cossette is writing a musical based on the life of Jessie “The Body” Ventura. I havbe this image of the big production number being called “Body Slam”.
Can anyone else come up with an unlikely celebrity to make a musical on and the big song fromit? Lyrics optional.

The weirdest celebrity I could come up with ALREADY has a musical about him…fact sometimes IS stranger than fiction.

Back in January of 1925, a shitkicker and part-time spelunker named Floyd Collins got his ass in a jam in a narrow, dangerous cave hundreds of feet below the hills of central Kentucky. His ankle trapped beneath a heavy fallen rock, he was stuck but good. About two days later, his brother found him…but the angles and tight squeezes of the cave-passage made it impossible for him to do anything for Floyd but feed him some of the food and coffee he’d hauled down with him. (Floyd’s arms were pinned to his sides, his head projecting out at the base of a long, thin “chimney”…he was literally buried alive.)

People from the nearby villages heard about Floyd’s plight, and a small group gathered at the entrance to the cave. As the days passed, the gathering grew, the newspapers arrived, the Louisville Fire Department and eventually the US Army became involved. After Floyd had been trapped in the miserable muddy hole for a week, his story was emblazoned in news headlines from Seattle to Miami. The Floyd Collins story became the biggest media event between the World Wars.

So many people had squeezed down into the hole (including a scrappy Louisville journalist) that rockslides had made the entry impassible. Floyd was now deprived of food and communication with the surface, while an attempt was made to dig him out from the other side.

Finally, after nearly three weeks, with thousands of people standing in the freezing muck above the cave, the Army’s excavation made it down to the side of the cramped passage where Floyd’s ankle was trapped. They hauled Floyd out backwards. He was good and dead, and had been for at least three days. A hideously depressing anticlimax to a horrifying ordeal.

In 1996, a musical called FLOYD COLLINS opened off-Broadway in NYC. One of the numbers was entitled “Between a Rock and a Hard Place.”

Elian Gonzalas – The Musical!

Musical numbers include:
“On the high seas,”
“In the high seas,”
“Blow me, Fidel,”
“You ain’t my Mom, but you’ll do,”
and the showstopper,
“Lawyers, Guns and Reno.”