...and you wonder why Bush thinks he needs so much security.

Heh. I wish.

This guy is interesting. He never ever expected to be hired in the first place–they didn’t even run a goddamn Google check or anything, and his name is all over the web–and nobody seems more astonished than he at his access. His fake reference was ‘checked’ when somebody called a pub and the bartender shouted out “Anybody know Ryan Parry?!” and a guy at the bar yelled back “He’s a good guy”. Un-freakin-believable.

Check out the main story here and the other stories linked at the bottom of each page are definitely worth a look. He’s a lively writer and if he had been a terrorist or even a common criminal, I shudder to think what would have happened.

Bah, I don’t think it’s often I find my self in agreement with Airman Door’s posts but I am here. This wasn’t done to test security, it was done to sell newspapers.

It’s a classic case of the tabloid/gutter press creating the news so they can self rightously rant about it. It’s journalistic equivelent of vandalism in my mind.

There are always going to be flaws in security, because the people in charge of security are human and human beings make mistakes.

Once more with feeling. Ireland is an independent country. It can field a team because we are a country of our own. We are not part of the UK or the Commonwealth. Our head of state is not the Queen it is the President of Ireland( Mary McAleese ) Now go to the blackboard and write that out 100 times :slight_smile:

Northern Ireland is a different matter but you said Ireland.
Ahhhhhh all calm again :wink:


I can understand your annoyance. I don’t doubt that this stunt was done more for sensationalism, to sell papers and to embarass the Palace than out of any genuine concern for the well-being of GWB or the Royals (especially not GWB), but calling the guy a terrorist is over the top.

DtC, you liberal bastard, you. Next thing you’re gonna tell us locking up people on an occupied part of a communist island without due process for 1.5 years is in violation of basic human rights, or something.

Who’s being held in Britain!?!?

Oh, you mean Gitmo. We’re leasing that, you know. And the little terrorists there got all sorts of ‘due process’, just not of the variety to appease you, it seems.

You mean the due process where you don’t get to see a lawyer or have a trial?

Brutus, you imbecile. Why don’t you read up on what constitutes due process, and then report back.


How exactly do you know that the prisoners at Guantanemo are actually “terrorists?” When the fuck was that proven?

Not to mention what constitutes “communist”. The idea that Britain is anywhere close to it is beyond laughable.

Brutus meant to say “daily anal searches,” not “due process.” Common mistake.

BTW Boo Boo Foo, Queensland and New South Wales could compete separately at the World Cup if they wanted to and if Australia agreed to it.

It’s simple. They’re terrorists because they’re being held at Guantanemo Bay. I mean, they wouldn’t be held at Guantanemo Bay if they weren’t terrorists would they? No. Therefore, they’re terrorists. Elementary logic.

I also think that if a reporter had smuggled box cutters onto the plane in August 2001 he’d just be a no good troublemaker. He wouldn’t have been trying to show authorities that there’s a complete flaw in the security system, he’d be a guy trying to sell newspapers. A guy one step below a terrorist as far as I’m concerned. And heaven help the poor bastard if he said “I don’t believe you adequately inspected my shoes.”

Why don’t all the UK footie sides unite to form a national side that could actually get as far in the World Cup as the Americans?

You’re joking, right Elvis? Please tell me you are.

Because they’d kill each other before they could make it onto the pitch, that’s why. :smiley:

[sub]Now, where’s my pet Brutus? I swear I left him here somewhere. Ya think he’s still reading those 50 lines of text I linked him to? Bruuuuuuuuutus…[/sub]

Because it couldn’t possibly be to do both.

I’ve no doubt that the British tabloid press goes over the top on a routine if not daily basis. I’ve no doubt that when he and his editor were discussing this story there was a lot of fun had at the idea of twitting the royals again. I’ve no doubt that had this reporter been found out at some point in the interview process there would have been an interesting “my job interview at the Palace” story on an inside page of the paper.

But look at what actually happened. The reporter exposed shocking lapses in basic security that would get an HR person (in the States anyway) broomed and allowed him the potential of unlimited access to the President of the United States.

The proper response to the discovery of a shocking breach in presidential security which could have resulted in a terrorist’s having unlimited access to the President of the United States is not “the guy’s a terrorist, lock his ass up.” The proper response from the Palace is “thank you for identifying or horrifyingly lax screening process and we shall correct it immediately” and the proper response from an American is a small measure of outrage at the potential endangerment of the President. Suggesting that this incident will lead to “five hour waits at the metal detectors” is not an indictment of the reporter, but of the hysterical reaction of those responsible for security who would, instead of addressing the actual security problem, would implement additional window dressing to preserve the phony illusion of security they’re trying so desperately to maintain.

ruadh, Queensland and New South Wales couldn’t compete in the World Cup in soccer, cricket or any other sport without the consent of the relevant governing body. I know that, for example, Wales wanted to play in the ICC Trophy but their application was specifically rejected by the International Cricket Council. (Scotland’s and Ireland’s applications were accepted.)

And (hee hee) I think Elvis is putting one over on English, Scottish, Welsh and Northern Irish footie fans. There’s always 2006, lads.

Oh for fuck’s sake. You’re having a laugh.

He’s not a terrorist because he didn’t commit any fucking terrorism.

Talk about wearing out the buzzword-du-jour…