Another pitting of the US health”care” system

In reality, everyone in the US is being screwed, in that we’re paying much more than other countries, getting worse outcomes and accepting the situation as it is rathe than fighting to overturn it.

You mean you were deliberately being excessively literal for disingenuous purposes, because that’s all you got, wealth creator.

If you believe you will be young healthy and male forever, your are getting a great deal. Of course only the terminally stupid would believe such a thing.

Why didn’t he just e-prescribe them? That would have saved you a LOT of trouble.

One thing I’ve learned about US conservatives (coworkers and family, plus conservative media) is that they will gladly pay extra to make sure that someone else doesn’t get something for free.

In fact, many would pay extra
Just to make sure that some other people suffer.

No, you were being a smart ass, disingenuous little pissant. You know it, everyone here knows it. Fuck off.

…its called “out-of-pocket expenses”, which “represents the share of the expenses that the insured party must pay directly to the health care provider, without a third-party (insurer, or government).” This has always been the case (especially here on the dope) when comparing healthcare costs between countries. “Out of the pocket” is a reasonable measure of the financial burden of a healthcare system.

The reality is that if you live in America you will probably pay a lot out-of-pocket, and if you live in a country with universal healthcare you probably won’t pay a lot, if anything, at all. In Glee’s case, they paid zero. Last time I was in hospital for a week I paid for a taxi there and back and that was it.

But that really isn’t what happened here.

It’s not as if we haven’t heard some variation of “so the doctors, nurses, ambulance drivers, etc. all work for free” here at the dope every heathcare debate since the dawn of time. Is this your first time here? Well congrats. Now you know.

The fact that you pay about the same as I do in taxes for healthcare, THEN you have to pay for insurance on top, and THEN you probably have to pay even more out-of-pocket, and that you seem to be perfectly fine with this, really says it all.

Proponents of “socialism” and Universal Healthcare point out to people like you that we pay significantly less to provide universal coverage for better outcomes but none of that matters to you. You think “what we said is stupid” but the reality is that you simply haven’t been paying attention.

Ah, a Trump supporter. :nauseated_face:

But apparently you didn’t know what I meant, because you posted a silly scenario of nobody being paid.
Also I think you need to look up ‘courtesy’ in a dictionary, because you just wanted to be nasty.

One of the interesting things about being an American relocated to Europe: Out of any ten everyday realities, five or six will be significantly better and more advanced than the US (e.g. modernized banking practices, some form of proportional representation in government), a couple will basically be at parity with the US (e.g. traffic is traffic no matter where you are), and then one or two things will lag behind the US and be more difficult for no apparent reason (e.g. if an appliance breaks it takes days if not weeks to get a repair person to visit).

Nearly everything about health care here is superior to the US, but then you run into a weird little speed bump like this, i.e. “for some reason they still haven’t figured out how to get the doctors to communicate electronically with the pharmacies, and you still need a paper scrip.”

It’s annoying, but the net tradeoff is still worth it.

TBF, my NHS GP practice is doing this now, mainly because they’ve got too many patients and too few doctors, except I have to fill out a bloody ‘e-consult’ form - I don’t even get to talk to a real person. Last time I did this, I got an email a few hours later telling me they’d assessed my condition and recommended I try the pharmacy instead. Which I already had (and they couldn’t help). I just want to speak to a human being!

I encountered “Nurse Navigators” when I was on my cancer odyssey, but their main job was dealing with insurance companies. They did their job, because I never had to battle with any of them regarding payment, although I did request an itemized bill for my surgeries and questioned one charge, which turned out to be legitimate.

Thanks. I think I was extra touchy because I had just fired Ironwood Cancer Center out here - the surgeon may have been able to raise the dead, but the office continually made mistakes so 2 days before my surgery, I pulled the plug on them. And now, with this whateveritis in my boob, hanging over my head since March, I wasn’t in the mood for anything to slow me down. But have found a new oncology service, and the navigator is no longer an issue or if she is, I am in a calmer place.

Hope everything goes well.

Our family has recently had an extended period of worry and uncertainty for a similar reason and we also had to go through a process of triage and assessment. The “not knowing” is bad enough, and there is always the suspicion that you should be talking directly to the doctors but everything was made easier by at least having competent, professional calming voices taking you through the process and explaining what happens next and why. I hope that’s the sort of treatment you get as well.