Another School Shooting [Stoneman Douglas]

It appears to be happening again. This time in Florida. Reports of many injuries. Again.

Here is a link to the developing story on CNN.

“Numerous fatalities”, exact number unknown. It appears the gunman is in custody.

#18 for the year. But, yeah, no need for background checks and all that silly stuff. Let’s just send our thoughts and prayers…

Are the politicians even doing that anymore?

Did they ever, or did they just say they were?

Suspected shooter’s in custody. White guy, from the overhead helicopter video of him getting stuffed into a cruiser, and allegedly a “troubled” 20 year old ex-student of the school. So probably not ‘terrorism.’ His name’s also floating around, but I don’t think it’s been confirmed, so I’m not linking it.

There’s cell video floating around, allegedly of one of the classrooms while he was shooting it up. It’s terrifying, as you’d expect.

Disgusting. Hang this piece of shit after a trial where it’s established that he committed these crimes. And along the way figure out whether this guy should have been running around on the outside to begin with.

Edit: Per Senator Bill Nelson (FL)'s twitter, there’s “a number of fatalities.”

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A white guy did it, you say? Probably just a “lone wolf”, then. Possibly even “troubled”. We’ll know more when Trump actually addresses the issue in a couple of days (if then).

I think Trump actually tweeted about it about an hour ago. Which is about as good as it’ll get, if you want a response from him. And truthfully, given separation of powers, about as much as he should get involved in something like this. It’s not a Federal case or issue. It’s a Florida issue, and a tragic one.

Per Josh Caplan and ABC news, death toll is at 15 now.

I think the shooter’s been ID’d formally. Allegedly, he’d been asked to leave the school in the past for making students uncomfortable. Shame it, so far, doesn’t seem to have risen to him getting arrested at the time.

I’m always glad when people like this are taken alive, so we know why they did it.

I don’t want to say “Why didn’t he just kill himself first?” because I knew somebody who did that, in front of his kids, no less.

It goes without saying that it was in a mostly white, apparently affluent area, or it wouldn’t get major news coverage. :dubious:

Background checks? How much background can you find for 4th graders?

17 dead in a school is always going to get coverage though.

In a lot of countries it would even be front page news. Most civilised countries anyway, the ones where these sorts of things are rare.

Don’t be so sure. This one was barely reported outside the immediate area.

I’ve always believed that if Sandy Hook had happened in a poverty-stricken area where most or all of the victims were black and/or Hispanic, it might not even have made the local news, and would only be discussed on racist blogs. I hope this theory is never put to the test.

Thoughts are with all of the families, those that lost someone and also all of the parents that are going through hell wondering about the safety of their child.

I heard that it’s been raised to 17. :frowning:

NBC News named the suspect and said he was expelled from that school last year. I wonder what he did, because I didn’t think schools did that anymore.

More martyrs to the right to resist tyranny.

Might as well pin this thread, and update as necessary. Every few days.

C’mon, that was 20 little kids and six adults killed. “It might not even have made the local news” :dubious:

If you don’t like it, repeal the 2nd.

Senator Bill Nelson just said the shooter threw smoke grenades, pulled the fire alarm, and shot the kids as they came pouring out of the room.