Antonio Vivaldi, RIP 1741. Someone tell YouTube about this.

But there’s a real problem with this solution.

Instead of placing the onus on the party making the copyright claim, it asks the person who posted the video to prove that what they posted belongs to them.

I think that, if you’re going to make a copyright claim against someone like this, you should also bear the responsibility of demonstrating exactly how that person has violated copyright, as well as the responsibility of demonstrating that you are indeed the copyright holder.

As it stands, the music publishers can use a flawed, inaccurate, scattergun approach, and just sit back and wait for the innocent party to prove his or her own innocence.

Well, yeah, it definitely does have that limitation. “Guilty until proven innocent.”

But, in this specific case, Musicat can prove innocence, so the problem in the OP has a solution.