Any experience re: cataract surgery?

I was told by my glaucoma specialist (ophthalmologist) that I had cataracts a few years back. I was there today for my six-month visit and he said they seem a bit worse, but there is no point doing surgery until I notice my vision changing from them. He said I’ll probably need it in 2-3 years.

My brother debated about having the surgery, chose to, and regrets it. He doesn’t wear glasses now as his distance vision is fine, but he hates having to fuss with his reading glasses whenever he needs to read something.

I suppose you could get progressive lens glasses that are just clear on top?

That’s what my father does after having his cataracts done. His doc won’t do the special lenses, so he corrected the distance, and even there it’s slightly less than perfect. So he has bifocals with a very slight correction for distance, and the reading glasses prescription. Of course he can do fine without them at all, like when out shoveling in the snow.

His went smoothly except for the second one where the guy injecting the sedative missed and he was aware throughout the procedure. But it is relatively quick so he made it through OK. Just be more assertive if something doesn’t seem right!

The glare he used to have at night or in brightly lit stores is all gone.

I live in a retirement community and it is a rare person who has not had cataract surgery. When a little old lady says IT’S A SNAP you really can’t get up tight. In the old days they removed the lens whole, and thus preferred for it to be “mature”, that is, hard. Now they prefer to do it before it gets hard. Most cataracts get worse, and eventually glasses cannot restore good vision. The lens becomes opaque, and glasses don’t help you see thru opaque matter. Prices mentioned seem high although I don’t really know how much mine cost. Medicare did well in covering it. I wasn’t a candidate for the new adoptive kinds; a solid plastic lens focuses either near or far, not both. I’ve worn glasses since the second grade, so it’s no big deal to wear bifocals, with a reading 'script and little correction for distance, altho I don’t need correction to drive. The worse part is the number of eye drops before and after the surgery - no biggy. I don’t understand the two-day procedure mentioned above. They don’t let you drive home, otherwise recovery is quick.

I’m glad that those who have adjustable lenses or mono vision are satisfied. I was not a good candidate for adjusting lenses and the mono vision would not have worked well in my shooting sports where both eyes really need to be the same. Just something to consider depending on your favorite activities.