any love here for "Raising Hope" - besides mine?

That’s just awesome.

Frank will still be inappropriate (unfiltered), but now he doesn’t seem scary. He kinda scared me before.

Sally Mander, Dillahunt was also Linda Cardellini’s abusive ex-husband on ER.

I’ve seen Marwencol and it’s exactly what I thought about when we first saw Frank’s miniature town. I was surprised that Frank actually gave the film a shoutout in the show.

Dillahunt was also a Terminator on “The Sarah Connor Chronicles,” and I’m loving his comic chops, too. Dude’s got talent.

That must be why she likes cheese. :smiley:

And the mean sheriff in Winter’s Bone.

“And your husband looks like a thin version of the fat guy from Mallrats!”

That just cracked me up as, let’s face it, half the people watching it were thinking “crap, he’s lost weight”.

Is this his first proper comedy role? I only really knew him from Terminator but he has taken to this like a duck to water. Brilliant.

I love the show too.

In the premiere, Earl himself was referenced.

I like the show last year, but it’s running out of steam. I still watch, but not every episode.

Yeah, Dillahunt deserves an Emmy. I only saw him on Terminator before, and he is amazing in both roles. The scene where Burt tries to kiss his own brain had my wife and I in stitches.

Not outright comedy but in No Country for Old Men he had a lighthearted doofus quality. The only time I relax while watching that movie was when he’s on screen. He had some funny lines as Jesus in Daniel.

But it looks like mostly he’s been a really bad guy. He was a gang leader in The Road and Last House on the Left. It’s kind of amazing after all those roles that we can so easily accept him as Burt Chance.

Love the show and I think part of the reason is that most of the really funny lines are not “set ups” to a joke, just a quick word or sentence or visual out of context that will make you laugh out loud and miss the next line of dialogue.
Last year’s Christmas show, with little Baby Sneezes, was brilliant!

I saw Marwencol on PBS last year, pretty amazing. Couldn’t believe it was referenced on RH!

I love the show, right up there with Community and Modern Family for top comedy on the air today.

I think my favorite part is the way Virginia mangles the English language.

And don’t her new words kinda make sense? The one I remember is “dramastically”, combining drastically and dramatically.

“It’s a self-refilling prophecy!” Which actually makes sense, in a way.

The thread’s a few months old, but I don’t see why we can’t put it to use again. I’m surprised no one’s commented yet on the Valentine’s Day episode. Gregg Garcia has a unique talent for creating flawed, funny characters without making fun of them, and being funny without being mean-spirited. Contrast Hope and Earl with, say, Everybody Loves Raymond or 2 and a Half Men. If Fred Rogers had been funny, prone to making penis jokes, and had wanted to make half-hour sitcoms, they might have been My Name is Earl and Raising Hope.

So, back to the Valentine’s episode. Really well-done. So much of the history of the show comes together and brings this episode to a moving conclusion. I’m actually surprised they broadcast this show now, as it might have made an ideal series finale.

For those keeping track of the Earl/Hope crossovers, Tim Stack and Patty the Daytime Hooker make an appearance Jan 31st Gambling Again episode.

Yes, I saw the Valentine’s Day episode and liked it a lot. It was the sort of thing that could have been really awful but it worked (both for the viewer and Jimmy, in terms of appealing to Sabrina).

I agree the Valentines Day episode was good. Additionally, this will allow them to add her to the show more regularly as his girlfriend, which will bring in more options for storylines.

It was also a very well-written show!

I have to wait a week after it airs to catch it on Hulu but I always enjoy the show.