Any novels/book series that now seems out of date/risque that wasn't back then?

Maybe not in the movies*, but in the comics adaptations – even in the Gold Key days – there was a surprising amount of near-nudity, both male and female.The DC and Marvel adaptations of Tarzan and especially of John Carter of Mars and the Pellucidar series featured plenty of flesh. And, of course, there were those Frank Frazetta and Boris Vallejo book covers.

Nowadays on the comic covers they’re practically nude.

*at the end of the Disney Tarzan both Jane and her father are living with Tarzan in the jungle, wearing minimal covering.

Yeah - Stranger in a Strange Land was quite tame when compared with FF and TEfL, and IWFNE just gets gross. What’s a little cannibalism and free love, compared with Heinlein’s obsession with incest and just-barely-fertile girls? Ick.

Door Into Summer bordered on the squickiness but not badly, compared with the others; the main character never acted upon (or even seemed all that tempted to) any misbehavin’ with Freddie, at least until she was fully adult.