Any other gym-goers out there?

raises hand

I’m a gym-goer.

I agree with switching up your routine. It will make things more exciting and motivating for you. Make sure you’re routine is centered around Squats, Deadlifts, Bench Press, Military Press, and Chinups. You do a lot of upper body compared to lower body in your routine.

Excellent resource. There are a lot of routines there for free that have been tried by members.

I also meant to add some other stuff. (sorry, my parents called this morning to say they were outside my door, just as I was typing my last post, surprise!!).

Throw in some deadlifts and focus on compound lifts. Don’t get me wrong, isolation lifts are good on top of them, but heavily prioritize your compound movements such as mentioned above: Deadlifts, squats, bench press, OH press, rows, etc. Great stuff that will help you accumulate lean body mass.

Also some research shows that one or two sets can be as beneficial as many sets. I take this with a grain of salt though, and do 4-5 sets as well as take an easy week and do 1-2 sets. You would be surprised how much success that has given me. It is like a small break, but you are working out. Mixing it up is good, as long as you don’t mix it up too much. Structure is good sometimes.

Also on the calves, very heavy weight, called something like maximal loading sometimes helps. (I must admit I have great calves genetically- 17.5 inch calves <seriously, people comment on them all the time, but no other body part> but I am also referring to others that have difficulty with their calves) What I mean by maximal loading is loading enough weight on a bar you can barely move it (I.e can pick it off the bar, but not quite do reps) and can barely hold it and hold it for 10-15 seconds per set. (some people disagree that this does something, but I have seen it work for a couple people)