any other queen decaptitated besides Henry the Eights Wife?

any other queen decaptitated besides Henry the Eights Wife?

Marie Antoinette

Marie Antoinette. Or did you mean British queens.

any queen in any country anywhere in the world

who was “Marie Antoinette” married to at the time of her be heading

She was a widow… :wink:

Mary Stuart (Mary, Queen of Scots) was beheaded in 1587.

Good one. Very funny.

The serious answer is that she was married to Louis XVI of France who preceded her in death by just a few minutes.

This was during the time when the French were busy screwing up their own revolution.

Not just wife, but wives. Anne Boleyn(#2), and Catherine Howard(#5)

As for the others

#1 Catherine of Aragon , died some time after Henry divorced her
#3 Jane Seymour, died after childbirth, bearing Henry his only legitimate son
#4 Anne of Cleves, marriage annulled
#6 Catherine Parr, outlived Henry. Henry was her third husband, and she married once more, dying in childbirth.

so Marie Antoinette was not married at the time of her death did she have a lover? a boyfriend ANYTHING

and in history books how would you refer to her husband “her late husband” ?

As you’ll note in David Simmons’ post above, Louis’ death preceeded Marie’s death by “minutes.” Hardly enough time to find a boyfriend, even for the French.

Yes, very droll, but actually, they were guillotined several months apart - a quick check shows that Louis XVI was executed on January 23, 1793. The revolution didn’t get around to dropping the blade on the Mrs. until Otober 16. Time enough for a torrid love affair, I suppose, but being imprisoned probably rather put a crimp in the idea.

About 10 months, actually. Louis XVI was executed January 21, 1793, and Marie Antoinette on October 16 of that year.

Excuse me - January 21.

** David Simmons ** already gave the answer (exept that Louis XVI wasn’t executed mereminutes before her.

But it’s generally assumed she had indeed a lover, the Swedish count Fersen, who had by the way a quite tumultuous life. As a young officer, he was a play-boy, he fought in the american war of independance, he was involved in planning the attempted escape of the french king’s family, exchanged coded correspondance with the queen, became a high ranking officer, and died lynched by a mob, due to suspicions that he had assasinated the Swedish crown prince.

Not a divorce; Henry annulled the marriage.

Catherine Howard was never crowned queen like Anne was.

Oh, and we haven’t mentioned Lady Jane Grey yet. You might argue that she was queen for nine days before being executed.

So I should have looked it up. I couldn’t imagine that even the revolutionary leaders could be so cold as to leave her sitting around for so long probably knowing that the blade was coming.