Any shows that were cancelled because the Networks didn't like the show?

Odd. I decided to Google the Donahue topic and I am getting articles that are conflicting. Some say he was the #1 MSNBC show. Others are saying that his numbers were as low as the Nielsen ratings can record.

So, grain of salt, I suppose.

Playmakers on ESPN was pretty well received and got good ratings for what it was, it wasn’t the next CSI or anything, but as a drama on a sports news network it did fine and had a following. It got axed primarily because it was distasteful to NFL execs, who obviously have a tight relation ship with ESPN.

I think Australia wins here. Doug Mulray was presenting a “special” that was rating 36 which made it the 2nd highest rating show of the year, when station owner Kerry Packer rang up and told them to take it off because he didn’t like it. It just instantly ended.

Looking back on the many years of television, we sould perhaps be tankful these kinds of things are so relatively rare.

I just finished watching the series (in order) on DVD. Gorem brilliant!! Hanging out to see the movie, Serenity.

Thanks for the explanation of why there were so few episodes. Pity that such a great show was canned because of some moronic TV exec.

I dont think this showed in Australia - I dont watch commmercial TV. Anyone know if it did?

Fairly sure it didn’t – hell, we didn’t even get Scrubs except at 11pm very occasionally on 7. As much as US TV execs suck, Aust TV execs should be taken out and shot for incompetance. Except ABC. They’re ok.

However, that does not meet the OP’s criteria, which is shows that were cancelled despite having good ratings. Firefly had bad ratings - it’s nice of you to say they weren’t horrible, but they weren’t good. Lots of shows have had bad ratings and have blamed bad handling of the show. WKRP in Cincinnati was like that.

I am also assuming the OP isn’t counting shows that were “retired” because they’d run their course or the cast wanted to move on, or else we’d have to cite all kinds of great shows that went out with good ratings, like MAS*H, Friends, Everybody Loves Raymond, Seinfeld, Home Improvement, Cheers, Frasier…

I believe Edward Woodward had a heart attack - perhaps several. At any rate, I think he simply wasn’t up to the physicality of the role.

I used to like that one as well. I vaguely remember reading that it was cancelled because Edward Woodward was either ill or was sick of acting - it was a long long time ago so I can’t really remember which.

I remember that incident. Wasn’t the show cancelled half way through the 2nd epsiode?

It did on channel 7 about 4 months ago shown in the US order (ie out of order) it was then shown on Fox 8 just before Serenity hit the theatres.

D’ya think Arrested Development would fit the bill here? I know that its ratings aren’t great, either, but the ratings definitely aren’t helped by the pre-empting, the moving around the schedule, the general non-marketing of the critically acclaimed, award-winning show. All of these are network problems.

Did anyone in FOX hated the show? :confused:

Yeah I mean shows with good ratings that were cancelled due to personal dislike by an executive.

I didn’t realize that WKRP had bad ratings. Was it due to poor mismanagement or was the show not well liked?

Well, generally networks like money. If a show is making a profit, they will continue to make it. (of course since books can be juggled…)

So a show makes money if the ad money is greater than the production cost. Dr. Quinn was popular but the extra expense of shooting a period western cut into the profits. A show can be highly rated but still have difficulty attracting advertisers so that show, must go.

Here we go…

Maybe it is a conspiracy.

I haer that Futurama and Animaniacs got the axe because someone did not like the show or creators

Don’t know if it’s true but I read it on a reliable message board. Showtime’s Dead Like Me was dropped because it wasn’t made by Showtime and they had a bunch of new original programming they owned which they wanted to put in it’s place (Huff, Fat Actress). Of course the pay cable companies don’t watch ratings like the networks, they just care about subscribers. I don’t know how many people were watching but DLM had a very loyal following.

I don’t think “Politically Incorrect” was cancelled because of bad ratings.

Was it cancelled because the networks didn’t like it? Well, perhaps they didn’t like the heat they were taking over it.

Bridget Loves Bernie had the distinction (at the time) of being the highest-rated show to be cancelled after only one season. The ratings were good, but it was a lightning rod for angry mail and such. I guess they just figured it wasn’t worth the aggrevation.