Any Thoughts about Call Me Kat or The Great North?

Great maybe not. But good enough that it’ll be in the rotation for when I’m in the mood.

Yeah it has a similar feel to Bob’s Burgers. And that is fine by me. Not enough shows like that.

I didn’t know Miranda was autobiographical. I though the off-hand version of Kat
having ditched a PhD-based career for her Cat cafe was a stand-in for Bialik having given up being a neurologist, and returning to acting; I wished the show were more about that-- clearly it could be, with Bialik right there to ask.

Coupling was comedy gold!

Sure, the original UK Coupling was terrific, laugh out loud funny. I don’t really remember the US version except that it Just Didn’t Work. I think the first episode was a word-for-word copy. It may be significant that Coupling was, like Miranda, a personal almost autobiographical story for the show creator (New York Times paywall warning). Perhaps those don’t adapt well?

I think the main thing is an attached and talented writer/producer who “feels” the subject. This show is akin to doing a British adaptation of Seinfeld. “Hey, four quirky and selfish friends in the big city. We can copy that!”

At last! The third episode of “The Great North,” “The Avocado Barter Adventure,” is an episode worth recommending

I finally watched an episode of Miranda. I didn’t particularly care for it, and to be honest, I didn’t click with the lead actress, as opposed to already liking Mayim Bialik. And Call Me Kat has higher production values. However, I can see that Miranda has a “center” or something, that CMK does not have. Also, the obligatory diverse secondary characters in CMK are annoyingly obvious after seeing the original.